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What is with this weather?

Posted By on November 29, 2016

This tree.

This tree.

So–it’s warm again. And stormy. Not mad about the storms. We need rain. We deeply need rain.

But look what the weather is doing to our world. Now, I don’t know about trees. This thing may always bloom in the spring and fall, and I’ve just forgotten that it’s happened before, but, this tree is blooming, and its petals are floating around like snow! I love cold, and I wish it felt like November 29, but look–it’s lovely!

What day is it?

Posted By on November 28, 2016

Cinnamon Rolls for Thanksgiving

Cinnamon Rolls for Thanksgiving

When you work at home, and you don’t have any other responsibilities for a few days, you start to lose track. I’ve enjoyed that.

I’ve been baking and embroidering and binge-watching Paranoid on Netflix. And also writing. Lots of times, I put off doing the things I want to do for the things I should do. Especially this month, I’ve been writing every spare minute, and I haven’t actually made as much progress as I’d like. But yesterday, instead of feeling guilty about wanting to do something not work-related, I plopped down in front of the TV, took out the pillow cases I bought to remind myself how to embroider, and got to work.

Embroidery Refresher!

Embroidery Refresher!

So peaceful.

When I was ten, my parents split up, and my brothers and I moved to Tennessee with my mom to be near her family. That following spring, Grandma asked me if I knew how to embroider. I didn’t. She printed a pattern of a man and woman in their sleeping shirts on pillowcases, and she brought her needlework things to our house. We sat on a blanket beneath the trees across the field from where she and Grandpa planned to build their new house, and she taught me to embroider. She was such a good teacher. She told me to take my time and remember that a lady’s work should look as well-worked on the underside as on the top. I remembered that yesterday and wondered why I haven’t been embroidering all these years.

Never too late!

Back to work today! I’ve reached the point in my strange writing/quilt-the-story process where I need to put everything together, flesh out with the yummy “feelings” sensory things that make a story fun, and finish. I hope this story sells because I love it so much!

But I’ve learned something kind of obvious this long weekend after fending off jabs from my work conscience. Doing something to fill the well is a good idea. It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Baking and handwork will do the job!

I hope you and yours are embarking on the happiest holiday season, full of plenty to be thankful for!


Come to the Jaunty Quills!

Posted By on September 14, 2016

screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-2-35-11-pmThe Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills were kind enough to invite me over to talk about gratitude and why I chose my favorite holiday in Once Upon a Thanksgiving.

Drop by for a chance to talk about what makes you grateful, and to win a $10 Amazon gift card!

Writing, Proofing, Moving

Posted By on September 13, 2016


A Heartwarming Holiday

Today I’m proofing my novella for A Heartwarming Holiday for the last time. After this, I won’t be touching it again–always an anxious time for a writer. Like sending your children to school on the first day. Did you make them wear something their friends won’t like? Will their lunch be sitting in the bag, untouched when they get home? Will they come home laughing? I have to close the story today and hope it has all the emotions and love readers like best. That it’ll make you want Thanksgiving to hurry up and get here!

I’m also writing new words on my med romance. Need to add words–and the same worries apply. These stories are so emotional. I want mine to measure up!

Between doing the one and the other, I have to stop by the gym. I can’t decide if I want to do the treadmill or the pool or both, so I actually remembered to bring duds for both.

I also brought my tennies, but sadly, I’m wearing mismatched flip flops. Have I mentioned my purple ones broke, and I managed to get out a black and a brown flip flop, which I’ve been wearing for about a month, as if I meant to? My daughter despairs. But, really, how organized is a person required to be to succeed in life? You can’t expect unadulterated perfection! 🙂

September 11

Posted By on September 11, 2016

Like everyone else alive on that day in our country–and all over the world–I remember exactly how I saw it. My office was in the front of our house. I’d dropped my daughter off at school, come home, made coffee, and I was carrying that first cup toward my office.

I’d just started a book, Maggie’s Guardian, and it was writing itself. I loved every minute of that work until that morning. I spent three days and nights, glued to the TV, fearing something else, even more horrible would happen. And then I spent months fighting my sense that writing no longer mattered, to write that book.

I always left the TV on with the news playing because I like the background noise of voices, but I kept the volume low so that I wouldn’t listen to actual conversation. As I walked through the living room, I passed the huge TV my husband had bought that spring so he and his brother could watch college basketball. I glanced at the screen as the second plane flew into the second tower. I didn’t believe it was happening then, and I still feel the same sense of shock every time I remember.

So many memories are like “live photo” on my phone, movement that comes to an abrupt halt. I can feel myself holding my coffee cup as I saw that plane with all those people on it hit that building. I can remember calling my husband, who didn’t answer his phone, leaving messages that I thought two planes had hit the World Trade Center towers, and then that another had hit the Pentagon. But that I didn’t feel sure it had happened.

That afternoon, I tried to think how I would tell my daughter what had happened, but when I picked her up at school and tried to tell her, she already knew because they’d had television coverage on at her school all day. I was so upset about that, as if she were unprotected at school. Probably because–didn’t every inch of our nation feel unprotected for those hours that day? For several days after, because there were rumors of threats against schools in Texas, mounted police patrolled her school, and we made a plan of where to meet, in case something happened.

The world changed.

But here’s what didn’t change. People cared for each other that day. In New York and all over our country, people donated blood and loaded supplies onto trucks to take help to New York. Strangers helped each other, and families clung to loving each other.

Anger and fear are instinctive, but so are kindness and caring.

I grew up in an angry house, and I learned to be afraid at a young age. I learned to be angry when I’m afraid, but there came a time when I realized I could be one more link in an angry chain, or I could make sure I didn’t pass the problem on. I have no need to pass the problem on. So, when bad days come, like every September 11, when I’m afraid and angry and a little broken with grief, I choose to remember that love still exists, and kindnesses heal the one who acts as much as the one who receives. And most of all, embracing the good things, love and family, honesty and honor–we become stronger than fear.

Random Thursday

Posted By on September 8, 2016

Georgie does not approve of post-exercise fragrance!

Georgie does not approve of post-exercise fragrance!

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift broke up. I’m ashamed of myself for this because I’ve liked many of Taylor Swift’s songs, but I got all judgey toward Tom H when he started dating her. I love Tom H. He’s an amazing actor, and his voice… And–well, I was rooting for him to be Bond, James Bond. Now that they’ve broken up, it all seems tawdry–and I feel even more judgey–and I hate this feeling. Yuck. That’s why gossip is never a good choice.

In a timely coincidence, I came across this article about rewiring your brain. When I have troubles, I tend to dwell and dwell and dwell some more. And then, if I have a second of free time, I dwell just another smidge. I cannot avoid trying to fix problems, but some problems simply can’t be fixed. Right now, I have a painful, troubling real-life issue, but I’m going to try focusing on finishing my book, rather than fixing an unfixable problem. Paraphrasing a line in the article, I’d love to turn myself from the queen of fretting into a book-finishing ninja.

A report on work progress, I added about 800 words yesterday, between re-reading the proposal I’d sent and adding scenes to the synopsis. I do think I’ve turned from a pantser (one who writes by the seat of her unreliable pants) to a planner.

For A Christmas Miracle and this proposal and the novella I just finished for A Heartwarming Holiday, I listed scenes I needed to write. Those lists worked. Wonder if this is something about brain wiring? Having the scenes listed, I focused better on tying the emotional stakes to the plot–and more intense emotional stakes made me like these stories better.

Note: Random pic for today is Georgie being judgey after I came in from exercising. Isn’t he lovable?

Good News!!!

Posted By on September 7, 2016

I’ve had a request for my Medical romance! I’m so excited–now to finish writing it–which I’m looking forward to!

Also, today, I need to go renew my driver’s license. In my state, you have to bring birth certificate, social security card, marriage certificate–if you’re a woman, and proof of residence. Oddly, I didn’t have all those important documents. They’ve gone missing during our nomadic wanderings, but I’ve managed to collect them all again. I’ve worried they wouldn’t all get here in time.

Terrible to wake from being barely asleep because your mind just won’t shut up anyway, and suddenly go, “Marriage certificate!” Those dark nights are over!

Laboring on Labor Day

Posted By on September 5, 2016

Rain, rain, come to stay!

Rain, rain, come to visit!

Submitting to agents today! I’m excited and terrified. It’s a writer’s life! Posting a picture of rain pelting the pool because this sun and heat are slaying me, so I’m trying magical thinking!

Wishing you lots of leisure and fun, good food, and good times with friends!

Sunday Morning

Posted By on September 4, 2016

A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle

For the first time since probably April, I walked in our neighborhood last night. We’ve had around 80 days of 90-plus temps. That’s almost three months of hellish heat in one year. Help meeeeeeee! Last night, the temps were in the lower 80s, and it felt like fall. It wasn’t, and by the time I got home, I was soaked in sweat. Bleh! But, I walked. Outside!

In the past few months, we’ve had some rough family times, and I’ve been working like crazy, and I have to keep exercising, so the blog kind of slid to the bottom of my priority pile.

Trying to drag it back up, even if I only post one line a day.

So–I’ve done all the work for the newest book in my Smoky Mountains Series for Heartwarming, A Christmas Miracle. (Love that beautiful cover!)

I’ve also written and edited a novella, Once Upon a Thanksgiving, for the holiday anthology that returns to Christmas Town, Maine in A Heartwarming Holiday. (Last year’s second visit, A Heartwarming Christmas went to #81 on the USA Today Bestselling Books list.) And if you’re interested in the first stories that set in Christmas Town, you can still find them in Christmas Actually.

Last thing–I’ve submitted a proposal to Harlequin’s Medical Romance line. I started reading them earlier this year when they ran a blitz, looking for new authors. After falling in love with the line, I wanted to write them, and I have this Nurse Practitioner daughter who lets me drill her sweet brain for technical details!

So–since I’ve gotten my work life in order and realized that real life is always a little squidgy, I’m catching up here! One line a day–I can do that!


Hello, again, Monday!

Posted By on March 14, 2016

Remembering to choose happiness!

Remembering to choose happiness!

Why did you start so early?

I hate springing ahead. I really don’t care for spring. I can see that the blooming trees and plants are truly beautiful, but they mean the flipping heat is on the way. (My perpetual complaint.) Maybe if we lived farther north, where we had a shot at an actual winter… Maybe I’m a little cranky from lack of sleep! But I don’t really understand why we need to save hours most of the year. Terribly distressing to someone who needs a little less unblinking sunshine.

Maybe that’s enough complaining!

Finished my synopsis–at 10 pages. I edited it back to 8, and I’ll look at it again before I submit. This week, I need to finish the last chapter in the proposal and edit deeply before I submit. Can’t wait to have a submission out in the world again!

And finally, I bought two happiness journals this weekend. Clearly in the nick of time! I need to remember that spring and summer are only distressing for crazy folk who have their wiring backwards. I can’t help loving cold and rain and best of all–snow! And wind! Pardon…

Anyway, one for my girl and one for me. I heard about them from Jill Weatherholt, and remembering to choose happiness is an excellent plan, in the time of year when I’m not good at doing that!