Happy New Year’s!

| January 1, 2011

I wish you all the best you can think of in 2011! I thought I’d start the new year with a new theme for my website. Instead, I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to decide what that new theme might be, so I’m going to work a while and worry about theme-changing later. I […]

Merry Christmas!

| December 24, 2010

The girl and I made these heinous looking cake balls! We’re available for a baking apprenticeship at any time. While we’re trying to unravel where the plan went off the rails (they taste yummy–sadly they do look as if we dragged them through the blender backward), I wanted to wish you all the happiest of […]

All the best…

| December 25, 2009

to you and yours in this season and the coming new year. I wish you all peace and happiness.  And love.