Friday To-Do List

| October 25, 2013

Yesterday, the heroine of my book made a to-do list. I thought I should do that more often, myself. I like the sense of accomplishment when I check stuff off. And I’m so buried in this story–as in consumed with what comes next–that I forget what I need to do in my real life. So… […]

Too Much HGTV

| September 24, 2013

I want to move. I want to redo my kitchen, which we redid a few years ago. Must start sleeping and stop watching HGTV in the middle of the night. This is probably the first six months we’ve been in the house without remodeling anything. And yet, I’m suddenly so dissatisfied with my abode. (Crrazzzy!) […]

I love Monday!

| August 19, 2013

I didn’t always. There was one day job where the idea of Monday began to haunt me on Saturday at about noon. That’s when I got serious about this whole writing thing. I also started contracting as a technical writer because the most important part of any job is the group of folks who also […]

A Break in the Heat

| May 6, 2013

We’ve already had temps in the 80s this year, but the past few days have brought rain and a beautiful break in the heat. Right now, my house is at 63 degrees. Outside, it’s 46, but the low was down to 43 this morning. It won’t last long, but it’s nice right now! Today is […]


| April 10, 2013

Mostly, in life, I choose to be cheerful. I honestly think it’s the best approach in the “you get what you give out” stakes. I did read Pollyanna at a really young age, but she was right about that whole finding something good, no matter what, concept. However, for some reason, yesterday, I was not […]

Terror and the Busy Days

| February 27, 2013

Lately, around the abode, we have been extremely busy with family stuff and goings-on. So much so that I find myself dusting at 3:30 this morning because company’s coming this afternoon. But over there, to the right, is the reason I’m awake this morning. I’m checking up on him. Kitty, whom our vet called “Magnificent,” […]

Busy Friday

| February 22, 2013

I have errands to run, need to buy towels and the house is empty of fruit. When I was a child, we never had sweets–cakes, cookies, candy–in the house, but we almost always had fruit. I feel so deprived when we don’t have it around here, I almost had to make the crazy woman’s Walmart […]

Things I do…

| September 20, 2012

instead of sleeping. Clean the kitchen. You know–that cleaning, where you totally clear the counters and make it look as if you’ve just moved in. Note: We have way too many cups. Someone here (me) has a compulsion to put her hands on the perfect mug. Clear the clutter. This one is sort of pointless. […]

Another Monday

| August 6, 2012

I love Mondays! I’ve been up for a few hours. Cleaning, Decluttering, cluttering a little too, as I find places to fit the stuff I can’t yet eject from the abode. I don’t sleep well, and normally, I spend those wide awake hours staring at television or the ceiling or the light coming through the […]

Thursday, after the Storm

| July 12, 2012

We had quite a day yesterday. Our kitty, who visits this blog regularly, seemed to be deathly ill. He’s 19, and he’s not the man he used to be, but he’s still our kitty, and–well, frankly, there are marriages that don’t last as long as we’ve had him. I literally begged the vet to see […]