Randomly, Friday

| October 17, 2014

Friday! Yay! What are you doing this weekend? I am: Writing, writing, writing Buying a car Exercising Cooking Buying groceries (because I cannot seem to shop for more than a day at at time. I don’t know why.) Writing, writing, writing. Unpacking from girl’s week And, oh, yes–I will be writing. And writing. And maybe […]

Two in a Row!

| October 15, 2014

Almost a record. I’m posting two days in a row! Every year my aunts and my cousin and I have a girl’s week. We meet in the mountains in Tennessee and do wonderful things. Like crocheting, knitting, watching our favorite shows (always I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith Show), walking and eating and talking […]

Whoa. Longest gap between posts, ever!

| October 14, 2014

Too long for a proper title, even. And too long to explain all that’s happened. So I’m back with a random post. I have a new office. My husband built a new, detached garage because after all, a two-car garage just isn’t enough. I’m really sort of glad because my car has always sat in […]