Process, Anyone?

Posted By on May 5, 2011

I was once a clean writer. I mean, I finished the book with none of the tearing apart you hear so much about. I edited as I went, usually editing the previous day’s output before I started new words. After I finished the book, I’d do a read-through to find anything like changing eye colors, the movement of a house from one town to another, the dreaded changing of the names! And then, off went the ms. to my editor.

That’s not my process any more. I write crap. Not on purpose. I’ve tried to wrest my old process from the annals of the past. But it doesn’t matter how careful I am. In fact, I think “careful” makes it worse. As I finish each chapter, I have to start back at their beginnings. And I rarely salvage anything except character names when I finish them. (And that can be iffy. See para above.) I don’t know how I feel about my process change. The old way definitely felt easier, but this way feels better.

I think I’m getting to the heart of the matters between my hero and heroine because I certainly remind myself that character conflict is the key to a tension-filled romance. I don’t just let myself off the hook with a “yes, remember to showcase that flaw.” I’m looking for ways to up the ante between these two–to find the nuances that take a reader inside the characters’ hearts. This extra work is growth.

One more thing. I have a southern woman’s tendency to denigrate myself. You know, we might be vain, but mostly, we’ll be the only ones to know. Putting ourselves down–cleverly–is a form of social dance.

I’m not doing that any more. Writing is difficult, but oh-so-worth the work. I’m proud of the work. I’m not going to even tease about my own failings. They come home to roost enthusiastically enough. I don’t need to summon them with a trail of self-doubt.

So, welcome! Sit down–no, wait–let me turn over my new leaf for you!

And now–I need to jump back into my ms. and see what else my “people” are up to!

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