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A couple of years ago, I undertook a reading challenge, but I kind of fell apart on it. I’ve been looking forward to this year’s R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril VI Challenge. It’s run by Carl V. on the Stainless Steel Droppings Blog, and he makes participation incredibly easy. (Which makes my failure last time even more shameful!)

I’m choosing two options. For Peril the Second, I’m going to read Rhys Bowen’s Naughty in Nice and Krista Davis’ The Diva Haunts the House. In a streak of propitious luck, I’d pre-ordered both, and they downloaded to my Kindle today! Yay! Two of my favorite cozy authors. (I’d also love to make the Peril of the Group Read with Deborah Lawrensen’s The Lantern, but I’m going to see about that as it comes up. I’m a little busy in October, but the book sounds amazing!) And the good news to me–if I manage to read more, I can do that, too and post reviews.

The second option I’m choosing is Peril on the Screen. My girl and I watch Arsenic and Old Lace every year, at least at Halloween. It’s such a favorite, we watch it for absolutely no seasonal reason, too. I cannot wait to watch the Brewster sisters tap-tap-tapping around their gorgeous house o’ my dreams while their nephew Mortimer tries to keep them out of prison. (And I’m going to admit, the first time I watched it, with my little brother when we were about thirteen and ten, respectively, Johnny scared me half out of my wits!) I’ve always heard Cary Grant didn’t count it among his best work, but he was wrong! Oh–and I haven’t seen Rosemary’s Baby in some time, either. Also quite spooky! Hmmm. Wonder if Sunset Boulevard would count. Norma Desmond spinning crazy as normal while she dissolves into her own delusions in a house that wouldn’t look improperly zoned beside the Bates Motel!

Anyway, that’s my plan! If you find the onset of Autumn (or at least the hope that Autumn will someday onset), suggesting you need scary, mysterious, or thriller reading (or viewing), you should check out the challenge, too. I know I’m going to find great new stories in the other participants’ reviews!

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  1. deslily says:

    oh i love Arsenic and old lace lol.. but then Carey Grant was wonderful in most everythng he did .. and OMG I haven’t seen Rosemary’s Baby in eons!.. that movie did scare the heck out of me! lol.. good choices!

  2. admin says:

    Deslily, I love to hear from a fellow Arsenic and Old Lace watcher! And Rosemary’s Baby is pretty creepy! I looked at your blog and oohed and aahed over some of your choices, too. Definitely want to try Drood, as I love both Wilkie Collins and Charles Dickens!

  3. deslily says:

    Drood was what made me finally read Wilke Collins! I’ve read the Woman in White and the Moonstone so far and liked them both… I am old, old, old and had you ever told me I’d read collins or dickens I’d have laughed out loud! and now I like them because of Drood!… but I need to read more Dan Simmons… he obviously can be very scary! lol

  4. admin says:

    Now I’m even more anxious to read Drood. 🙂 I had a bad start with Dickens because I didn’t care for the first book I read by him, Great Expectations. Then, in college I had to read David Copperfield, and from then on, I’ve been hooked!

  5. Carl V. says:

    Great to have you on board for the challenge, thanks for joining!

    My wife and daughter and I love Arsenic and Old Lace. We watch it every year as well. It has that perfect blend of comedy and creepiness with a touch of romance that makes it a joy to watch every time.

    Sunset Boulevard is certainly full of gothic sensibilities, so I would go ahead and count it.

    Hope you enjoy the challenge and enjoy the books you read and things you watch.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks so much for the welcome! I’m already enjoying the challenge. I love learning about new stories, and I’m so excited to find others who love the same movies and books. Sounds as if there’s going to be a lot of Arsenic and Old Lace going around this year! 🙂 Thanks for hosting RIP!

  7. Kailana says:

    Hopefully you will join in for The Lantern. I am looking forward to reading it with a group!

  8. admin says:

    I’m definitely going to try! Thanks!

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