Can I take the ocean home?

Posted By on November 4, 2011

Rising Sun

I wish I could. Yesterday, I sat on the beach to write for a while. Not in the morning when the sun first appeared over the water. Later, I took my laptop and a towel and perched high up, away from the water.

Tide's coming back!

Funny how a new point of view fuels your creativity. Maybe it was the sound of the waves. Maybe it was the tide, beginning to come in, the waves all thick and writhing with foam. I was too far away to give you a really good view of the way I saw it, but you can get a glimpse of whitecap.

Bird Friend

Then, a little birdie strolled by. Whenever my girl and I visit the beach, the birds flock to her. I don’t know if she smells good, or she looks like a super-tall twig, or birds just like the cut of her jib, but her fowl friends chase her down. This one clearly mistook me for her and apparently wanted to have a serious word. Or he thought I might be hiding a bit of food beneath the towel or in the laptop. Either way, he was my boon writing companion.

And I’m not sure if it was the company, but suddenly, I saw, clear as the sunlight itself, how to rework the ending on the book I’ve almost finished. (Finished, but I knew the ending wasn’t right.) I’m doing that today, and modifying my vision of nano. I’m redoing the ending of this book and then heading back to the new project, but as long as I get 50,000 words this month, I’m not going to worry about where they end up.

Nano Report:

11/2:  Added 1675, for a total of 3533

11/3: Added 1687, for a total of 5220


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