Ocean, ocean, wherefore art thou?

Posted By on November 8, 2011

Home from the beach, back into real life. I miss the ocean–the sounds, the scent, the beautiful, curling waves and the amazing colors of beach and sunset and the stormy tide.

I also miss being able to sleep in (you know, till six-thirty)–make my own plans–write from the time I wake until I finally can’t think any more.  ;-)

Yesterday, for instance, I did errands from dawn till dusk. Sometimes, the beloved doesn’t remember to ask if I have plans (or I don’t want to make plans) before he makes them for me. But we finished some tasks we seriously needed to do.

And the cat expects to be fed. And dosed with his meds, and I’m not sure he had water while I was gone. (Actually, one night, my girl Face Timed me while I was gone, and it was sort of heartbreaking to see Kitty searching for me when he heard my voice.)

So–for the rest of this week, I get to work. I will learn to say no. Or else I’ll learn to lock the doors and put in earplugs so I can pretend I hear nothing!

There’s always a period of adjustment when you’ve been away. I have to adjust to not being able to work ridiculous hours. The fam has to adjust to not having me at their constant beck and call. Working at home tends to make people think you don’t actually have to work at all.

P.S. I promise not to whine tomorrow!


I just read my best friend, Karen Whiddon’s blog for today, and she shamed me even before she made me cry.  :-)  She’s talking about gratitude, and I needed to hear that. So, can I borrow from Karen, and be grateful for my crazy, busy, interfering family, who make my life totally complete? And I’m so grateful for those lovely days at the beach, and all the words that rolled out of my head and onto the page, and for an ending to the book, whose ending has troubled me mightily. And also–I’m so grateful that I met Karen when I moved to Texas, and that we have maintained our friendship and our CP-ship, and that she made me rethink my instinct to whine! That’s a bestie for ya!

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