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Posted By on May 21, 2012

Random Photo: Grist Mill in the Mountains from Girls Week

Our local NPR station is running Ken Burns’ The Civil War. My family fought on both sides of the war, and I’ve often lived around battlefields from that war. Right this moment, Sam Waterston as Lincoln is reciting The Gettysburg Address. Can you hear those words without aching for all the rows upon rows of graves? Or without crying for Lincoln himself? I get angry when I think of that time. The concept of one human being owning another–I don’t care what time you live in–how does that make sense? And then, the horrible, horrible loss of life. It’s heartbreaking.

That was not a cheerful bit of random.

Fast Draft update! I’ve gotten my quota every day except one. I’m actually going to finish a book in two weeks if I keep up this pace. Mind you, revision is going to be hard work. I told a friend, right now, the ms. is a quilt. Pieces here, pieces there. Words in this one. A bit of repetition in that one. A missed opportunity over there. So–I’m writing notes in a notebook and making them on my phone. Threads to piece this quilt together.

And–I wish I weren’t writing this in the middle of the night. I’d add another random picture. Our pool looking almost good enough to swim in. We’ve added chlorine every day for I don’t know how long. Apparently we’ve finally caught up with the amount it needed.

One last random fact–I’m a lot more interesting when I haven’t written 15-20 pages/day for a while. I’m reserving all my brilliance for my ms.! I’ll just try to distract you. Subtly.

Look at that lovely mill up there!



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  1. Lacey Devlin says:

    Congratulations on meeting your FD goals!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, Lacey! I hope it’s going well for you, too! I’m really enjoying the work!

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