Word Surgery

Posted By on June 27, 2012

Yesterday was a painful writing day. I had to cut. Cut deeply. The thing about fast draft was that I got a story going, and I wrote a ton of words. I just cut a painful number of those words. I thought twice. Did I really want to go that far back to the beginning?

The answer had to be yes. Because words that don’t help the story don’t belong in it. I was trying to find ways to adapt those words when I realized the error of the path I was about to take. And also, that I’d end up cutting the words anyway.

You know, I wanted to make this a writing post. Talk about listening to your own voice and your instincts and cutting the words that don’t further the plot, the conflict, your character arcs. A lot of hooha to say, don’t keep the words you don’t need. (I’m cutting everywhere!)

So–I’ve had a setback. The story is not going to be finished as quickly as I’d hoped. But it’ll be stronger.


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