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Posted By on May 3, 2013

Take us out to the ballgame!

We did one of my favorite things in the world last night. We went to a baseball game. It was fun and rainy and a bit chilly. Perfect baseball weather!

The rain may have depleted attendance, or it may have been the fact that the Braves aren’t playing as well as one might hope just now. Either way, I feel so bad for folks who were not at the game, wearing a favorite sweatshirt, hearing the bat smack a ball, the ball smack a glove. Enjoying the greenest grass, and the strange traditions of different camera views and people dressed up as inanimate objects running races (Here, it was Home Depot-sponsored tools.) on the warning track between innings. The paintbrush emerged victorious!

Perfect Baseball Weather!

My favorite between-inning view was the Oblivious Cam. One poor woman went over 30 seconds before someone managed to alert her that she was on camera. Between turning pages of a program, she suffered a dreadful sneeze, but she was a good sport when she finally noticed.

Every time our team managed to strike out the opposing batters, a sign in the outfield shot off fireworks. By the end of the evening, my girl and I were identifying the patronus that formed in the smoke. (Ah, sweet nerdery, I embrace thee!)

It was a lovely night–and I have to work it into a story!

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