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Posted By on August 29, 2013

Clean Desk! Shocking!

Clean Desk! Shocking!

Is it still yesterday? Insomnia, my best friend, and I have been awake too long. I’ve already written 1,412 words today, and it’s only 5:58. So, I remembered my neglected blog. Actually, I took a look at Twitter. Maybe I’m following the wrong people, but remember when Twitter was more fun than a constant promo stream? I try not to be too negative, but–seriously–the promo does not tempt me to buy. Cleverness tempts me to investigate an author’s writing or a product.

I miss Twitter cleverness. I used to laugh a lot as I read the stream.

While I’m on the negative roll here, the heat has come back. (An explanation for my crankiness.)

Other random bits:

I’ve cleaned my desk.

I need something called Iron Off, which allows you to draw veins on leaves for quilting/embroidery/working with wool. (The drawing fades with time.) Can’t seem to find it here in the wilds of the back of beyond. However, I have come across so many beautiful, vintage-looking embroidery patterns, I’m lucky I haven’t put us in the poor house with my needlework compulsion!

I need to clean my closet. I can’t stand cluttered surfaces, but I have no issue with cluttering a closet. You know it’s overwhelming when cleaning it doesn’t even seem like a viable procrastination-from-writing exercise! I could go into that closet and bust out the other side into Oz!

I’m sleepless and scatter-brained, and suddenly, breakfast would not mean I’m eating in the middle of the night. Need to go check the bacon situation in this abode!


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