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Posted By on September 26, 2013

46 Minutes. Right here. Because it rained.

46 Minutes. Right here. Because it rained.

First of all, how is it Thursday already? The days this week are flying by. I think because they’re cooler, and prettier–what with leaves falling on my windshield as I drive. Except for yesterday, when it rained, and I literally sat in the same spot for 46 minutes. Same spot. One unholy spot!

I’ve been working on a cozy. I’m usually pretty certain of character names before I write a story. At least the protagonists. The others, I can make up on the fly and live with them–unless I suddenly like a secondary character’s name so much I need to steal it to use with a later protagonist.

Today, I had to choose a hero’s name. Not so much a hero in a cozy. The possible love interest for later in this book. You can only go with “guy” for so long before “guy” needs a name. I’m not in love with the name I’ve chosen. I appear to have been influenced by my overload of Big Bang Theory viewing. (My girl and I have been watching rerun after rerun after rerun! They just never get old.)  Anyway, Finn Garren sounds a little like a superhero’s mild-mannered alias to me, but for now, he’s working in my book!

A last bit of random–I need to buy quilt supplies today. Well, border and binding. I need it to match/contrast with backing and fat-quarters I’ve bought. I’m not that good with color. So–I’m a little afraid of busting into a class of people I’ve never met–brandishing my bad color choices.

No–wait–one more bit of random. We are finally searching for a new kitten. We want to adopt, and I’m having a bit of a time finding one that’s both on the available-to-be-adopted lists and still available. Which is good–kitties don’t go waiting for homes long around here!

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