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Posted By on October 10, 2013

George Takes Charge

George Takes Charge

A second before I took this pic, I was working away, typing despite the cut on my index finger where George decided he needed to hang from my hand. He’d fallen asleep just beside my laptop. I don’t know if I smacked the keys extra hard and woke him, or if he’d been brewing a nefarious plan (inclined to consider the latter), but suddenly he hoisted himself up and sprawled across the keyboard. His teeny, tiny bulk makes stuff happen, and the screen went blank. I’m mailing myself my file pretty often these days.

I wonder if we’ve adopted a Maine Coon/Tasmanian Devil mix. He looks kind of sweet, doesn’t he? Be afraid. Be very afraid!  🙂

20131009_192637This week, I’ve been walking in our neighborhood at night. Even when the temps are not as cool as I’d like, the humidity’s down, so it’s comfy and I don’t have to drive. (To the gym.) Last night the sky was layered like a rainbow. Or a trifle. You know, in case you’re starving, and a trifle appeals to you!

I’m about to read the latest in one of my favorite series. Tonight, when I finish my word count, I’m going to start Heirs and Graces, by Rhys Bowen. I’m way behind on my RIP reading. I’d been saving this book, but I sort of forgot about it because I’ve been buried in my own work. I’m pretty excited to pile up today’s words, so I can read someone else’s for a lovely, refreshing change!  🙂 You gotta refill the well and refresh your energy! Might be worth a drive to the gym! (I tend to tumble down hills when I try to read and walk at the same time in the street outside.)



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  1. Debbie White says:

    That’s a beautiful pic of the sky!!!

  2. admin says:

    It was beautiful! I love walking when the sun’s going down!

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