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Posted By on October 24, 2013

Random Photo: My Makeover Makeup Man!

Random Photo: My Makeover Makeup Man!

Time for a random post. I’ve stared at the screen, which is as empty as my head for too long already.

What I’m reading:  Several things–Write Away, by Elizabeth George, Raven Black, by Ann Cleeves, and last, but so not least, Heirs and Graces, by Rhys Bowen. Loving them all, for different reasons. I’m curious about every writers’s methods, and Elizabeth George is one of my favorite authors. Her writing is just as engaging in a how-to! Raven Black, amazing because it’s the kind of gritty, emotional story that appeals to me in British procedurals. And Rhys Bowen’s Heirs and Graces–the latest in her Georgiana series–which I wait for with excitement. I’ve actually been stretching this out because I finish them too fast–like a delicious slice of my mother-in-law’s irresistible pineapple cake.

That was a random analogy, which won’t make sense if you haven’t had Ma’s cake. One of those things you can’t resist–but you also can’t stop! I can eat one chocolate covered cherry and throw the rest away. Ma’s cake? I cannot eat one slice and toss the rest. I must see how it ends!  🙂

What I’m writing: Still waiting for news on the Heartwarming submission. Writing like a fiend on the cozy. I love working on it–when I don’t wander off on a talking-head tangent. I did end up cutting that and getting back onto a good path that makes sense for the story. All that talking head stuff? Culled to a paragraph–but I’m still hoping those words might fit elsewhere. Never throw away words!

Exercising: I was going to stroll the neighborhood last night, but even though it’s chillier, I’ve run into a bat or two in the near dark. Ugh–pardon me while I shudder!

I ended up going to the gym. I don’t love walking on a treadmill as much because I get bored and start checking the time. (Time passes so much faster outside.) However, I love my gym. It’s like when you buy a house and you walk in and go–this one is home. This is the first gym I’ve ever felt that way about. I could move out of my house. (Itchy feet after this long in one place!) Cannot leave my gym!  😉

A George report: I found him in my sink in the bathroom this morning. Which was cute and funny, and kind of a good thing. Had he shown up with moist paws elsewhere, and I didn’t know he was in my sink, I might have been a touch anxious! (After my poor, beloved geriatric Kitty, who had certain issues in his golden years.) But, also–I know where else those paws have been, and they’ve also been on my bathroom counter and sink!  The worries of a germaphobe!  (Which, not so oddly, have evened out a bit after all this habitual exercising!)

A tiny, PSA moment here: Back in February, I was really depressed–really. Depressed. For various reasons, but I couldn’t dig out of it. Exercise usually evens out my mood, and I had somehow stopped doing any. I joined the gym and I’ve been steady as breathing about it ever since. For the first time in years, I encountered a germy sitch–my kitten, who regularly visits his litter box visited my sink–and I thought, yikes–yuck, and then–oh, well. And he gave me something to blog about! Yay–that’s the value of moving one’s person!

Have a lovely Thursday–and I hope you enjoy some random observations of your own!

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