Wednesday, Already?

Posted By on October 30, 2013

George, the fetch-playing kitty is seeking his toy right now. I’ve thrown it a mere three feet away, but he’s determined I still have it in my hands, so he keeps pushing them off the keyboard.

This could post at any moment.

Oh, thank goodness. George is now kneading my fleece throw–which is also a little annoying with his pointy claws, but at least he can’t mix himself up in my technology.

This week has been busy, flying by. I’m behind on everything, except knitting dish cloths. I blame my cousin, Debbie for that. Well, Debbie and Michael’s, where I found those size 7 needles. Anyway, it’s time to turn on a movie I’ve seen a million times before, or one of my writing playlists, and get back to finding some words. Not just a few, as has been my bent all week, but some serious work.

I should probably also post this right now, before George loses interest in just watching the letters move across the screen. (No attention span, that kitten. We’re soulmates!) He still attacks the letters when I’m writing, but he can’t post crazy stuff from a doc file.

I hope you’re enjoying Wednesday! I like it, already!


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