Jean-Claude, you’re back!

Posted By on November 18, 2013

I love action movies. In fact, I love them too much. Indiana Jones, Terminator, Die Hard–even Mad Max and Lethal Weapon before Mel Gibson lost his mind–or spoke it. Whatever. The point is, I love action movies so much that I misguidedly took my little girly to see Die Hard with a Vengeance when she was young enough to yell, “Scar!” the moment Jeremy Irons spoke his first word on the screen. (Is she brilliant, or what? I mean, she recognized his voice!)

Which made everyone there, except me, laugh. I was too busy assessing my obviously poor judgement.

I digress. Really, the only franchise I didn’t fall for were Jean-Claude Van Damme movies. They were usually too much flash, not enough story for me–which I realize is as ridiculous as it sounds. Then came Timecop. To this day, when Timecop shows up as I’m flipping through channels, I stop, “for a second,” and next thing I know, I’m tearing up as he’s… Oh, wait, I won’t spoil it for you.

I haven’t seen it in a while, and I’d thought about it a couple of times lately. (That same girly and I can watch a movie over and over and never tire of it.) Then, last week, a new Jean-Claude Van Damme instant favorite swept the Internet. That Volvo commercial. Have you seen it? If you haven’t, you need to.

I’ve watched it over and over and it sharpened my longing to see Timecop again. I’m pretty sure I have the DVD, but I can’t find it anywhere in this house. I was in despair. I’m doing Nano, and I don’t need to take time out to movie hunt, movie shop, or movie watch.

However, here it is–middle of the night. I can’t sleep. My head hurts because I didn’t drink enough water after I exercised, so I’m swilling water to ease the dehydration and flipping through channels. You’ve already guessed–Timecop! And I was in time to start the DVR! Yay! Who needs sleep? I cannot ignore the alignment of my Timecop stars!

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