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Hello, Monday. It’s been a while.

Tennessee Lake

Blowing out the cobwebs around here.

I’ve been working on several books–about 120,000 words since the beginning of February. And, my daughter brought home a cold that has infected the entire family. When you pass our house, it’s kind of sucking in and out with all the coughing.

But I’m back, blogging.

Seems as if I should have plenty to report, and I sort of do. I have two books with sort of pre-cover treatment up on Amazon. Yay! I’m working on the next proposal and I’m waiting for revisions on Now She’s Back, the first in my Smoky Mountains, Tennessee series, scheduled for December. Waiting for line edits on A Christmas Gift, a novella in the Christmas, Actually anthology that’s coming out in November.

I’m also working on a cozy mystery that’s on the back burner, but burning pretty hotly in my mind.

And, summer… How I loathe it. So dang hot. Winter was lovely this year. I thought about a coat once or twice, but being chilly was such a great relief!

Georgie, holding down the laptop bag!

I’ve just been to Tennessee, to visit family. I used to waterski in the lake above. There’s something about being home in the mountains in summer. Even though it’s blazing hot, it’s also quiet in a way only the mountains are quiet, and green and familiar. In the morning, you wade through wet grass because the dew is fulsome. By afternoon–dreaming of wading through wet grass. I loved seeing my family, and I wish we lived even closer.

Mind you, when I got home, Georgie took his spot on my laptop bag. He seemed to feel it might not need to travel anywhere else for a while!

Back to work!


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