Monday, you’ve arrived too soon!

Posted By on November 10, 2014

Maine. How I love Maine.

But then every day is too soon right now. Time is flying by. I have a deadline. I’m trying to balance life and work, but I’ve never been entirely successful at doing that. Recently, I was diagnosed with diabetes, but I found out the hard way by getting really sick, and it was scary. Since then I’ve tried to be better at life.

I’ve written on a girls’ week with my aunt and cousin. That was hard because I wanted to be with them, but I’m a little tired right now, so I’d fall asleep at just the hour I used to fling myself into creating extra pages. So life was easy; writing was the hard part.

I’ve written on a trip to Maine, which was also hard. The trip was planned a year ahead of time, and I made sure I was supposed to be deadline sort-of-free, but then diabetes happened. Still a little tired, but my eyesight began to get normal during that trip, so that made things a little easier, but I’m still behind, and my editor has already been kind about it. And understanding.

I’m writing all the time now that I’m home, with no trips planned.

Here’s the really odd thing. I think I was a little distracted before I got really sick because suddenly, I remember how to put a book together again. I just also realize how much hard work I still have to do on this book. I’m hoping my editor would rather have a good book than a book on time.

So, head down, fingers on the keyboard. Here come the words.

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