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Random on a Wednesday

Honestly, I thought it was Tuesday. Who knew?

I also thought I’d be better at keeping up with my blog! But since I’m not, a quick catch-up! My Medical Blitz got rejected, but I’m submitting something else. I have almost three chapters and the beginning of a synopsis. Hoping to have it all shiny and lovely and ready to submit by Monday.

Speedbo @

I’m also doing Speedbo. Having done a whole lot of synopsis planning yesterday, I’m behind on producing words, but I can catch up with some sprinting–which I plan to do.

Come for Navarro, stay for the competition!

Also, yesterday, one of my favorite shows started a new season. I cannot explain my weird addiction to Inkmaster (Dave Navarro. Could he be the reason?), but I LOVE that show. Maybe it’s because the artists remind me of writers. They all act so tough, but they’re so sensitive. Their feelings get hurt, and watching them take critique is like having to face a public rejection of my favorite written darlings. We writers put our thoughts and daydreams and the way we think right out there on the page–hoping everyone (literally) will read, but rejection always reminds me that I’m an introvert and I don’t have to wave my personal thoughts all over the place!

Finally, I need to exercise, but I have a stinking sore throat and my sinuses are about fourteen sizes tighter than normal. I hate to whine, but for heaven’s sake! Sore throat! I reckon I’ll just mosey on out and go as far as I can on a walk. (Sorry for the whining!)

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