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Writers can work anywhere!

Not my favorite office!

And today, I’m working at a car dealership. I have some sort of oil–something–valve–who’sit problem that is apparently going to take three or more hours to repair. I’d pretty much trade this laptop for a string cheese, which I could have brought with me, but I had no idea the above-mentioned problem would require 3-4 hours!

Also doing art sheets for my next Heartwarming, which comes out in October. Right now, it’s called Jason and Fleming, but it’s a Scrooge-themed story, so I’ll probably try to find a title based on that. Sadly, I wrote the book about 11 months ago, and I don’t remember it, so I’m having to read it. Pieces are coming back. but the whole story refuses to unfurl in my mind, so I think I’m going to have to read the whole thing–which is too bad, since my editor will soon be sending revisions. Just have to read and not touch. (I’m unable to avoid fixing some rather stiff writing here and there, but I won’t be fooling with big things that my editor may or may not have a problem with.)

Also editing my proposal synopsis. I’m feeling a little stressed because I wanted to have the proposal in by now–but I definitely believe in quality over speed. And–I somehow lost track of the date, so the art sheets are due tomorrow. I probably need to focus on them today.

Or I may walk two miles to the nearest eatery!


  1. Curtiss Ann Matlock Curtiss Ann Matlock

    Dear heart, you may just get me blogging again. Thanks!

    • First–Curtiss Ann Matlock left me a note! I love your books! And I hope you will start blogging. I’d love to read what you’re doing! Oddly, it’s made me a better planner. When I take stock of where I am, I have a slightly better idea of where I need to go next. All the best!

  2. Stephen Adams Stephen Adams

    I told Pop that you should not ever buy a Jeep, he didn’t listen.
    Just kidding= I love you and I hope the car repairs turn out okay!

    • He did listen. I’m the one who thought it would be okay. I love the car! And it was nothing big–and under warranty! Love you, too, bub!

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