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Art Sheets Redux

Almost finished with them. I have one more scene and a 3-5 paragraph synopsis to write. Was hoping they’d write themselves in my head over night, but that didn’t happen, which makes me sad. So, here I am, at 5:30 in the a.m., trying to put those words together. When you only have 3-5 paragraphs to work with, every syllable needs to work for you.

Besides, when I realized I wasn’t going back to sleep, t tried watching the first season of The Americans, but it was a little too heartrending while I’m trying to write romance. So, I’ve turned on the Great British Baking Show as background, and when I’m between words, I look up at cream pattisiere going into luscious baked goods. I can’t eat them, but for some reason, looking at them, comforts me. (I don’t understand that, but thank goodness it works that way–and I am not even now rampaging through the dark streets in search of well-baked cake!)

I’m really excited to get back to my proposal–which has also not written itself in my head over night!

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