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Hello, again, Monday!

Remembering to choose happiness!

Why did you start so early?

I hate springing ahead. I really don’t care for spring. I can see that the blooming trees and plants are truly beautiful, but they mean the flipping heat is on the way. (My perpetual complaint.) Maybe if we lived farther north, where we had a shot at an actual winter… Maybe I’m a little cranky from lack of sleep! But I don’t really understand why we need to save hours most of the year. Terribly distressing to someone who needs a little less unblinking sunshine.

Maybe that’s enough complaining!

Finished my synopsis–at 10 pages. I edited it back to 8, and I’ll look at it again before I submit. This week, I need to finish the last chapter in the proposal and edit deeply before I submit. Can’t wait to have a submission out in the world again!

And finally, I bought two happiness journals this weekend. Clearly in the nick of time! I need to remember that spring and summer are only distressing for crazy folk who have their wiring backwards. I can’t help loving cold and rain and best of all–snow! And wind! Pardon…

Anyway, one for my girl and one for me. I heard about them from Jill Weatherholt, and remembering to choose happiness is an excellent plan, in the time of year when I’m not good at doing that!

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