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Posted By on September 8, 2016

Georgie does not approve of post-exercise fragrance!

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift broke up. I’m ashamed of myself for this because I’ve liked many of Taylor Swift’s songs, but I got all judgey toward Tom H when he started dating her. I love Tom H. He’s an amazing actor, and his voice… And–well, I was rooting for him to be Bond, James Bond. Now that they’ve broken up, it all seems tawdry–and I feel even more judgey–and I hate this feeling. Yuck. That’s why gossip is never a good choice.

In a timely coincidence, I came across this article about rewiring your brain. When I have troubles, I tend to dwell and dwell and dwell some more. And then, if I have a second of free time, I dwell just another smidge. I cannot avoid trying to fix problems, but some problems simply can’t be fixed. Right now, I  have a painful, troubling real-life issue, but I’m going to try focusing on finishing my book, rather than fixing an unfixable problem. Paraphrasing a line in the article, I’d love to turn myself from the queen of fretting into a book-finishing ninja.

A report on work progress, I added about 800 words yesterday, between re-reading the proposal I’d sent and adding scenes to the synopsis. I do think I’ve turned from a pantser (one who writes by the seat of her unreliable pants) to a planner.

For A Christmas Miracle and this proposal and the novella I just finished for A Heartwarming Holiday, I listed scenes I needed to write. Those lists worked. Wonder if this is something about brain wiring? Having the scenes listed, I focused better on tying the emotional stakes to the plot–and more intense emotional stakes made me like these stories better.

Note: Random pic for today is Georgie being judgey after I came in from exercising. Isn’t he lovable?

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