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Posted By on June 11, 2010

I can never blog at home these days. How can this be 2010, and we have no Internet access most days? I feel like I stepped into a bad Tardis machine. (We all know Doctor Who, right?)

Anywhooooo–I’ve been working at home, and I’m on the verge of sending my proposal, when all of a sudden, I realize I have the wrong stuff going on. The real secret is a massive secret. So–back to the drawing board, but this thing’s out of here on Monday, and I’m happy to know that!  :-)  Mind you, my first concern will be completing the book, but I also have a shiny new file called “Next Idea” nestled in the bottom corner of my desktop, where it tempts me every day!  :-)

I had to come out today because I had errands, but I’m taking shelter under the a/c as quickly as possible.

See how dark my at-work-for-today photo is? I’m not a dark person.

Why do I live here? Am I supposed to be in the Arctic? I’ve developed a strange tic–watching episode after episode of Deadliest Catch. It’s hour after hour of men throwing crabbing pots in the Bering Sea, and then pulling them out again. But there’s water and ice and wind. Bliss! (Not so much for them, and I may have to pretend I don’t see the impending tragedy because I’m so attached to Captain Phil and his boys. Sob!)

I know. There’s something seriously wrong with a person who spends every summer in a cloud of overheated angst! I would change if I could, but my rejection of heat is a fundamental trait. Seriously.

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