Saturday and a Kitty Skirmish

Posted By on July 10, 2010

I wrote until late last night. I gave myself a treat and wrote a scene that was dying to get out, and then went back to the scene I had been working on. (Sometimes, getting some  unexpected stuff for later in the book leads to knowing when the unexpected should start to appear.) I never used to venture outside the security of a linear storyline, but all bets are off. I want words and I will get them, no matter how I have to wring them out of myself.

Anyway, about the time I put my laptop in the floor and settled in for a an early-hours-of-the-morning movie, the kitty decided to have a word with another kitty whose nighttime roost is our deck. Our kitty loves to be congratulated on his bravery for protecting the abode–with doors and windows between him and the intruder. So, we tell him he’s a brave fellow and make sure he never gets out where the wild things might destroy him. (And since he’s not really as brave as he wants to be, he doesn’t put up too much of a struggle against the machine.)

However, I planted tomatoes in containers on the deck yesterday (in unrelenting heat. Pretty sure there was incipient heat stroke involved, not that I’d whine about the stinking summer that arrived at the end of March and has been scorching us since). Forgive me. I digress (seriously). Anywhooo, the other kitty didn’t stay on the deck with the tomatoes in his corner. (I’ll move them today.) He came around to the front porch, where apparently, he felt constrained to impart his dissatisfaction to Kitty.

So our kitty was yowling his head off by 5:30 this morning, and even kibble in the dish didn’t lure him from his fury at the intruder’s arrogance. I crept up the stairs to shut the doors so he wouldn’t wake the fam, where I gave the beloved a heart attack because he was attempting to leave our room, while I was attempting to shut him in. And apparently he didn’t expect anyone to yank the door out of his hand and then try pretty hard to muscle it shut–wondering why it was putting up such a fight.

I hope these kitties sort themselves out. I might snatch a little sleep in case they need an all-night audience again tonight.

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