Earlyish Monday

Posted By on August 16, 2010

Just after midnight on Monday, and I’ve made an uncalculated error. I fell asleep, and then everyone else in the house headed for bed and made noise. Being the Queen of Insomnia, I may be awake for the duration after a fortifying hour of sleep. So–I’ve got Moulin Rouge on the DVD player. Jim Broadbent is dancing to Nirvana, and I’m going to edit my unruly pages till I begin to sense sleepiness. Sleepiness is a wonderful thing. I think. I don’t really remember.

Isn’t Ewan McGregor lovely?

Right now, my ms. is at 8,515 words. There are sparse spots and spots where apparently, I was uncontent to make a point once when three or four less than subtle efforts would more than over-suffice. I’m at the unfortunate stage where I’m wondering–is this conflict enough? Too much?

Turns out exercise is vital to restraining self-doubt. First, and possibly most important, you can’t edit on a laptop in a pool if you actually prefer not to risk water damage. And a few moments or forty-five allow even the angstiest among us to back off and stop with the over-thinking.

Unfortunately, 12:36 in the a.m. is too early or late to throw oneself and one’s compulsions into the pool. I’ll just have to listen to my gut.

Happy earlyish Monday to all folks eager to be at their work!

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