Oh, dear.

Posted By on August 20, 2010

Have you ever been in the middle of reading a story, when suddenly, there’s a scene that’s uncomfortably close to one you’ve written? For–say–a–proposal? I’ve never really had that happen before, but last night, I was enjoying the actual pleasure of reading, when suddenly… Oh, dear. One of my favorite authors once said she’d had that happen, and she felt she had to start her book over–but I’ve already submitted the proposal so I can’t do that.

It’s painful. But I guess it happens, and I’m not going to add that to my list of angst-worthy stuff.

Although I am thinking I might switch to a Peter Robinson because I’m pretty sure I won’t be coming across romantic scenes in his books. At least not right now. I’m at the point where Alan Banks is on the outs with all the women in his life.

Gotta run. I’ve just heard the rustle of the kitty kibble bag and the pantry door is open. Kitty has no doubt burrowed up to his shoulders into his food bag. I need a stapler for that bag!

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  1. For Kitty’s food bag, get one of those pet fold containers at Target (under $20). The kids latch. It keeps my dog from getting his food and has the added benefit of keeping the kibble fresh!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks, you! And Kitty thanks you, too. He’s looking forward to fresher food and a more svelte silhouette!

    Until he figures out how to work that latch! ;-0 (Always an evil, yet cunning plan, that kitty!)

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