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Synopses Don’t Come Easy

I’m battling away with “the short form.” It’s making me suspect I talk too much. How to cram a story into essentially < than 500 words? I’ve done this before. Just can’t seem to do it now. Uh-oh. That could mean something’s off, if I’m being all defensive, explaining more with excess words. Better think about this.

Did not unravel the mystery of nesting pages the way I want them nested, but I added an ungainly mess of articles I’ve written over the years:  “Building Character,” “Hooks and Transitions,” and “Growing an Idea.”  I didn’t even manage to get linking right, but if you scroll, you can read them. Right now, the work part of writing comes first, so I need to finish this snopes.

In the meantime, I’m perched on the bed in our guest room, working (out of the way. Maybe no one will notice I’m here), and I suddenly noticed I have a writer’s stack of stuff with me. (A Kindle, two books, and a movie. Cause a device holding I’m not sure how many books at this point is not quite enough!)

The yellow looking book is Kate Walker’s 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance. If you are, like me, writing romance, you need that one.

Better get back to rasslin’ that snopes!  (Synopses are easily as wicked as a Faulkner barn-burning family!)

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