Wild Ride to the Rescue–and a Bad TV Habit

Posted By on January 11, 2011

Not really a rescue. The girl was stranded, so we ventured into the unplowed, more-frozen-than-ever world to pick her up. It would have been fun if terror weren’t involved.

At last, we’re all home, and we don’t have to go out again. The girl was starving last night and asked for a rare treat for her. McDonald’s. Only it turns out, McDonald’s didn’t open. Neither did anything else, including the mail and the trash pick-up. But McDonald’s?

So I came home and made Shepherd’s Pie and oatmeal cookies.  Extremely late dinner of champions! It’s nice, really. We’ll have leftovers!

Now, for a u-turn into something completely different. I’ve developed an addiction. Have you ever heard of Ryan’s Hope? It’s a soap opera that had a fourteen-year-run in the 70s. I’ve never seen it before, but for some reason, when I can’t sleep at night, I turn on Soapnet, and the soaps are a comforting background while I read or write.

I’ve gotten hooked on Ryan’s Hope. For one thing, it’s definitely of its time. For another, it tackles stories. Actual stories. A daughter choosing the man her family loathes–because she can’t help herself. She loves him. A stalker, long before we’d heard or used the world stalker. (And the weird thing is, he’s stalking a young woman, who seems to be stalking another character–and seriously considering it love.) An affair carried on by the most reputedly sainted character on the show, with another sainted character–and they flaunt their relationship in front of the man’s wife. I wonder–at the time–did viewers consider this couple in a positive light? I kind of loathe them, but from the writing, I honestly think they’re supposed to be considered the show’s “supercouple.”

I feel really bad for the wife. Sadly, the show began with her having shoved the husband down the stairs. In her first appearance, she explains her rumpled state, saying a cab almost ran her down, but we, the viewers, know she’s given cheating hubby the heave ho. I definitely felt for him at first, but after a few weeks of him and his scarlet woman treating the wife to a show of their devotion, while they wallow in the admiration of all their devotees, I’m thinking the wife should hie herself to a divorce court before a staircase for two beckons. I’m going to freely admit, I watch too much crap on TV, but why don’t people divorce before the affair or the staircase?

And–back to the writing aspect of my musings on way-old soap operas with engaging stories–the story is more interesting to write if the characters are trying to find a solution, rather than killing each other.

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2 Responses to “Wild Ride to the Rescue–and a Bad TV Habit”

  1. Debbie White says:

    The terror you speak of is why I hate winter!!! I’m ready for spring. Nothing is prettier than the flowers blooming, the trees budding, and the warmer weather and the threat of this nasty stuff causing terror (and stress) behind us!! Can you tell that SAD has taken over???

  2. admin says:

    LOL! I have reverse SAD.

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