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Posted By on March 14, 2011

to be going on as usual when life in Japan is so difficult. Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown, and yesterday  a volcano. I’m wishing for a little cooler weather, but people there without shelter are in freezing temperatures. We’re planning for a birthday with friends, and I have to pick up a few things tomorrow. I know I’ll be able to find what I need–and none of it is necessary to sustain life. We’re fighting allergies because of the unseasonable warmth. We’re not worried about radiation poisoning floating by as soon as the wind changes.

A long time ago, I visited Japan for work. I’m a tall woman, and I was pregnant. I stood out, but people were kind. In restaurants, if there was no plastic facsimile of the food out front, they let me choose what I wanted. No one was rude because I couldn’t speak the language, and I may have been insulting. I had to turn down the sashimi our hosts provided one evening. (The last thing my doctor said before I left was, “Drop by the office for a quick check on your way home from the airport–and don’t eat anything raw.”) My husband had spent a lot of time in Japan before I knew him, and he promised I’d enjoy it. I did, and I hate to think of what’s happening there now.

Instead of mooning around, being sad at the unspeakable loss, I should get in touch with the Red Cross.


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