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Posted By on March 24, 2011

I’ve been listening to music my dad used to play. (And even for him, this music was from an earlier time.) Billie Holiday, Louis Prima, Perez Prado. And, for the past few days, Glenn Miller. I love “Elmer’s Tune” and “String of Pearls.” I’m not a bit of a musician. Tried to take piano lessons from my aunt when I was a child, but my hands aren’t wide enough. However, even I can hear how these two songs and Perez Prado’s “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White” especially build for an emotional finish. I mean I can hear the structure. As I’m structuring a book, I find that interesting. Even instrumental music has a story to tell, and it’s all about emotion. (Love the lyrics of “Elmer’s Tune,” but I found an instrumental version first.)

This week every day feels like Monday. Not sure why. Even today feels like Monday, and I’m feeling anticipatory.  :-)

Perched here, with my coffee cup (if you’re not going to sleep, might as well fuel the wakefulness with caffeine), and my laptop (battery dying), watching the early morning forecast. We’re supposed to have one more most unexpected day of chilliness. A lovely surprise. I get to wear my warm jammies one more time before the heinous summer descends. Do you have comforting clothes? I love my college sweatshirt, which I pretty much haven’t been able to wear at all this year. It won’t be chilly enough for that. Sadly.

Yay, we’re due for gusty winds. Yesterday, my girl and I went to the grocery store, and the wind was blowing so hard when we went back to the car, my hair blew straight up and got caught in the door. I guess I prefer not to snatch myself bald with my own car door, but, oh, I love the wind. My mother-in-law, who grew up on the plains and in high desert, said the wind made her a little crazy, but it’s as comforting to me as those fave jammies.

And that’s probably more random ramblings than I need to share. While I’m writing this, I’m thinking of my edits. Kind of can’t wait to get back to my story! Have a lovely Monday-Thursday in the weather you love, accompanied by music that makes your world right!

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