What is with this weather?

| November 29, 2016

So–it’s warm again. And stormy. Not mad about the storms. We need rain. We deeply need rain. But look what the weather is doing to our world. Now, I don’t know about trees. This thing may always bloom in the spring and fall, and I’ve just forgotten that it’s happened before, but, this tree is […]

Good News!!!

| September 7, 2016

I’ve had a request for my Medical romance! I’m so excited–now to finish writing it–which I’m looking forward to! Also, today, I need to go renew my driver’s license. In my state, you have to bring birth certificate, social security card, marriage certificate–if you’re a woman, and proof of residence. Oddly, I didn’t have all […]

Writers can work anywhere!

| March 9, 2016

And today, I’m working at a car dealership. I have some sort of oil–something–valve–who’sit problem that is apparently going to take three or more hours to repair. I’d pretty much trade this laptop for a string cheese, which I could have brought with me, but I had no idea the above-mentioned problem would require 3-4 […]

Good Morning, Tuesday…

| February 25, 2014

You’ve arrived early. Or I arrived in you early. Sleeping away, but then 2:18 a.m. insisted on company. I’ve been catching up on word count. I’m writing two books at once, and one is a Christmas anthology. In some strange coincidence, when I first woke up, I started scouting around Hulu for something vintage to […]

7 Degrees?

| January 7, 2014

That’s what the temperature is right now. With a RealFeel of -7. Shocking. Even I think it’s a little chilly. I’m staying in the house today. Writing. Making some corn chowder for dinner later. Yum. I’ve been searching biscuit recipes. I’ve made them before, but we’ve never been able (as in physically capable) to eat […]

Wednesday, Already?

| October 30, 2013

George, the fetch-playing kitty is seeking his toy right now. I’ve thrown it a mere three feet away, but he’s determined I still have it in my hands, so he keeps pushing them off the keyboard. This could post at any moment. Oh, thank goodness. George is now kneading my fleece throw–which is also a […]

Friday To-Do List

| October 25, 2013

Yesterday, the heroine of my book made a to-do list. I thought I should do that more often, myself. I like the sense of accomplishment when I check stuff off. And I’m so buried in this story–as in consumed with what comes next–that I forget what I need to do in my real life. So… […]

Too Much HGTV

| September 24, 2013

I want to move. I want to redo my kitchen, which we redid a few years ago. Must start sleeping and stop watching HGTV in the middle of the night. This is probably the first six months we’ve been in the house without remodeling anything. And yet, I’m suddenly so dissatisfied with my abode. (Crrazzzy!) […]

I love Monday!

| August 19, 2013

I didn’t always. There was one day job where the idea of Monday began to haunt me on Saturday at about noon. That’s when I got serious about this whole writing thing. I also started contracting as a technical writer because the most important part of any job is the group of folks who also […]

Terror and the Busy Days

| February 27, 2013

Lately, around the abode, we have been extremely busy with family stuff and goings-on. So much so that I find myself dusting at 3:30 this morning because company’s coming this afternoon. But over there, to the right, is the reason I’m awake this morning. I’m checking up on him. Kitty, whom our vet called “Magnificent,” […]