Friday, already?

| March 11, 2016

The week has flown! Finished the art sheets yesterday and submitted them. I was at the end of the synopsis last night as I went to bed. As soon as I turned off the laptop and the lights, I saw what I needed to do for the ending. Usually, I just repeat what I need […]

Random Return

| May 4, 2011

You know how you fall out of the habit of blogging, and then it’s hard to start over? And then it’s easier to not blog, because how can you catch up? That’s what happened. So–in no particular order, random stuff! I loved watching the royal wedding. Loved it. Every second was filled with something lovely. […]


| January 6, 2011

I’m not very good at keeping things in compartments. I’ve been keeping my greatest focus on producing a proposal. So–last night I noticed that my cat seems to think the carpet looks best with a fine sheen of gray fur. And when I was walking, I was so busy planning my snopes that I didn’t […]


| December 20, 2010

from the pain of a rejection. I know it’s part of this business. I know I’m a professional, and I can get it right, but I’m frustrated when I get it wrong more than once. And I’ve managed to get it not-right-enough three times. I was already in something of a crisis of confidence, and […]

Editing, editing, editing

| June 15, 2010

That’s what I’m doing. The daughter’s at work. The husband’s golfing. The cat is hiding under his summer table. For some reason that table must be the coolest place in the house in summer. In spring, we lose him, we panic, and then eventually, we realize–table in the guest room. The house we lived in […]