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Category: Harlequin Medical Romance

Random, because otherwise I’d have to acknowledge how long it’s been!

Can you see the tiny snowflakes?

Shocking! All I can say is that there’s a lot going on around the abode these days.

Not all of it, watching the Great British Bake-Off over and over. 🙂  For some reason, my girl and I both find that show so comforting. We should be able to recite the recipes for Swiss Rolls, Baked Alaskas, and all manner of continental cakes in our sleep. I told a friend the other day that the warming zone on her oven would be perfect for “proving” bread.

I live in the USA, and we let bread rise here. We don’t prove it. (Which I actually think is our loss. Isn’t prove a more interesting word?)

Anyway, what else?

We had a hint of snow this week! I ran around with my phone, taking pictures and a video because what if I never see snow again? You may need to zoom in on the attached photo, but there were snowflakes!

And–I’ve entered Harlequin’s Medical Romance Blitz. My submission may come to nothing, but I saw it was happening, and, as my girly said, I’ve written a few books with a medical slant–the novella in Christmas Actually, and a few other stories I’ve written for Super. I enjoyed doing them, and she can help me with any medical background, so why not? I absolutely loved writing the submission, and I’ve downloaded several of the books.

Reading Fiona Lowe’s A Daddy for Baby Zoe right now, and having submitter’s remorse, going, why did I think I could write as beautifully as that? So–I’m hoping! Because I’d be proud to have books with a line as well-written as these stories are. I’d read several of them when they were being tried out in stores, got hooked, and then they got so hard to find again, that I haven’t read any in a few years. Whatever happens, I’ve found new books to read because they’re easy to order online or on my Kindle now! 🙂

Now–off to finish reading my book, run to the grocery store, and prepare for friends who are coming over for coffee and chitchat today. (Perhaps I should attempt to bake something. Nope–no time for the firefighters to rescue me before company arrives!)



Are you medically inclined?

And a writer? Harlequin is offering an amazing opportunity for authors who can write a romance in a medical setting. The editors are fast-tracking medical romance submissions, and apparently, you can enter whatever you have going for a submission. If you have an idea, you should take a look at the guidelines and give it a try. The editors have been on the boards, generously answering everyone’s questions.

Too bad I have a thing for white coats. And germs. Our vet once pushed me into a chair with his index fingertip, while suggesting my husband fetch smelling salts from his special nitwit-pet-owners-who-need-smelling-salts drawer. And all the while, he fixed up our doggie.

Other than that, I’m great in a crisis! 🙂

Best of luck with your medical stories! (I wonder if we need a special smelling salts drawer here at the abode.)