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The following is a list of my books. Right now, each book provides a link to Amazon where you can find more information about each release. Soon, I’ll provide an excerpt page for each.  (This page is still under construction!)

Christmas Anthology

A Heartwarming Christmas, boxed set, written with twelve other Heartwarming authors. Made the USA Today Best-Selling Books list at #81.

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

This is a series set in Bliss, Tennessee, a fictional, but heartwarming remote resort town in the Smokies, a place dear to my heart! (Most recent listed first.)

Owen’s Best Intentions

Now She’s Back

Christmas Anthology

Christmas, Actually, a standalone holiday-themed anthology

Welcome to Honesty

Welcome to Honesty is a series, set in Honesty Virginia (most recent listed first)

A Conflict of Interest

Her Reason to Stay

The Man from Her Past

Temporary Father

The previous few books stood alone.

Marriage in Jeopardy

Another Woman’s Son

Her Little Secret was part of a miniseries called Women in Blue.

The Calvert Cousins

The Calvert Cousins was a series set in a town called Bardill, Tennessee (listed most recent to earliest)

The Prodigal Cousin

The Bride Ran Away

The Secret Father

Another standalone:  Maggie’s Guardian

The Talbot Twins

These two books came about because I mentioned to my editor that I had twin’s stories, and she said she was open to them. I didn’t realize they should be in one story, so I proposed these two books (again, most recent first):

Unexpected Marriage

Unexpected Babies

Finally, my first two books were both standalones.

The Marriage Contract

Her Daughter’s Father


  1. Danielle Gibbs Danielle Gibbs

    hello my name is Danielle i am a big fan of mills and boon and i think your brilliant. I read a book a couple of years ago that i am trying to find. the problem is that i cannot remember the title or author, i believe the main characters name is bryony and at the beginning of the book she is having a party in her home and there is an argument with her family and fiance and the other main character (the guy) whom she used to loveoffers to drive her to his apartment, only she falls asleep in the car for 4 hours and wakes up to find he is abducting her. the only other thing i remember is that the man character in the book had a mother who killed herself by stepping under a bus. I really hope this jogs your memory of a book you wrote or maybe you recognise the storyline of another authors book. if you could just let me knw and once again thank you i am a big fan xxx

    • Hi, Danielle,

      Thanks for your kind words. The book really does sound like a Mills & Boon, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ve read it, and I didn’t write it. I wish I could have helped. Have you ever tried asking on There are readers boards, where you can leave a message. In fact, I wonder if the people on this board might be able to help you? All the best. I’d love to hear if you find the title. Anna

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