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Randomly, Monday!


Some random thoughts on a Monday morning.

First–I wasn’t sure it was Monday. I thought Friday was Monday. I’m just asking what comes next. Cooking, shopping, and when I’m lucky, some writing. This story is working in my head, which is good, but I could really use some time at the laptop to get it on pages. But–I’m also working on enjoying each day before it flies by. (Not always my best skill!)

Have you done any holiday shopping yet? I am ashamed to admit–I shopped for myself. I recently had a bday, and my brother-in-law gave me the best gift a reader can own–an Amazon gift card! I love to read outside. I visited a friend at the beach this past summer and had to read with my hands around my eyes–and I really could have used a tent because my beautiful Kindle has a terrible glare. Same thing happens when I try to read by the pool, even beneath the shade. So, when the no-glare Kindle went on sale last week, I leapt on the deal! The dang weather here has been so warm, I’ve already been enjoying reading in the wild!

Writing–I’m at the stage where I’m getting so little time at the laptop, the words fly, but then I think–are those words good enough? Part of the joy of a creative job. You want a certain picture on the canvas, but the picture you paint never feels perfect enough. My paintings just happen to be words. (That sounds so pretentious, but you know–words, instead of pics!) That’s the way I see a story–a film in my head.

This dang heat. I cannot stand it. Bad enough during the day, but at night–these temps are ruining the sleeping. My cold-natured husband believes one should not turn on the ac in November, no matter what. But that’s because ice literally runs in his veins. And I envy him that!

I have a few free minutes. Our company is napping. The house is almost clean. I don’t have to be anywhere at all today. I’m headed to a quiet corner to write!

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Too Hot for Autumn

Oh–it’s still August? Not Autumn.

And yet, I just received an ad for a spooktacular bootique!  🙂  I love seeing Halloween stuff already. In my head, I see orange and red and gold leaves flying around in the light of candles and car headlights and lanterns hanging on spooky (decorated) houses. Too much candy to ever eat. Disappointment when it was too cold to trick or treat without a coat–cause you want the world to see your costume. And here I am, frothing over it in August, because I am the only person I know who does not mind when the stores precipitate the turn of seasons–except for summer.  🙂

Had a busy weekend.

I’ve done characterization sheets for a new idea. I’m really excited, but I know I still need to dig a bit deeper for these characters. I definitely have a beginning conflict, but I need a turn in the middle of the story. Anyway–work-wise, that was fun!  You know–new love, new beginnings, all the possibilities, none of the uh-oh–what comes next? (And the doubt piranhas have evidently fed elsewhere so they’re sated and silent!) I tell ya–I get a little zing of excitement when I see the character names on the file title!  That’s loving your work!

Bought a new bed. I’m very excited about that. The beloved chose our last mattress, and I’m not whining when I say I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in ten years. It’s a fact. Who loves their own bed when it’s uncomfortable? Anyway, I hope we both love the new one. And the bed is beautiful, too. In all the years, we’ve never had matching nightstands. I’m not sure why we only bought one when we first married, except maybe there wasn’t room in our tiny first bedroom in our tiny first house for two, but since then, he’s had the nightstand and I’ve had a skirted table, which I never minded. I’m not that into symmetry. Apparently, I’ve been alone in that feeling, because he wanted matching nightstands. (Well–I got the mattress I wanted–so–okay.)  Can’t wait for delivery day!

And the other thing I’ve done this weekend? Reading! I have to stop reading and get back to writing, but I’ve been enjoying myself and my Kindle!  🙂 Wonder if maybe one more quick read this morning would be beyond the pale!

I hope Monday is being kind to you!

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