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Whoa. Longest gap between posts, ever!

Christmas Actually, Coming November 2014

Too long for a proper title, even. And too long to explain all that’s happened. So I’m back with a random post.

I have a new office. My husband built a new, detached garage because after all, a two-car garage just isn’t enough. I’m really
sort of glad because my car has always sat in the driveway, and that’s hot in the summer. Also–the new office. With a door. That shuts. Right now, it’s unpainted with a plywood floor, but I think I’m moving my desk out there anyway. I can paint and do the floor after I finish the deadline that is screaming at me, but I kind of need that lovely, huge room with no distractions and a window open to the blessed fall weather.

One more thing about the new office: I love, love, love the smell of new construction!

Okay, one more thing. I’m wondering if I can take George, the cat out to my office. He enjoys new spaces to sniff and explore, but he also loves to lick stuff. I’m guessing he doesn’t need to lick drywall and plywood.

I have a new book, coming out in November. See it–over there. I actually have a novella, called “The Christmas Gift,” in a book called Christmas, Actually. Check out Melinda Curtis and Anna J. Stewart’s novellas, too. Plotting and planning with them made the story even more fun to write! We had Christmas last spring, and we get to celebrate again soon!

Isn’t the book beautiful? And I love the story. Even writing it, I laughed and I cried–like cried so hard I couldn’t see the screen. But in a good way. 😉  I’ll tell you more about the story soon.

That’s probably enough random for today! I feel as if I’ve accomplished something. I posted on my blog today!




  1. Anna Anna

    So excited for our release! And yay on the new office. I write in the kitchen, lol. My work office has too many distractions. Like the internet. And blogs. ;)) glad you’re back!

    • I can’t wait to see the books in our hands, Anna! I’d love to be able to write at the kitchen table, but the husband has totally claimed it. Gonna have to take possession of the unfinished office! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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