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Friday, already?

Posted By on March 11, 2016

The blooms on that tree are lovely, but why must we have all this heat?

The blooms on that tree are lovely, but why must we have all this heat?

The week has flown! Finished the art sheets yesterday and submitted them. I was at the end of the synopsis last night as I went to bed. As soon as I turned off the laptop and the lights, I saw what I needed to do for the ending. Usually, I just repeat what I need to remember over and over and assume it’s stuck in the wrinkles of my brain. For once, I actually got out a notebook and wrote everything down by the light of my phone. Here’s hoping I can read it this morning!

I’ll need to edit the synopsis again because it’s long, and I have to finish the last of three chapters for the synopsis, but I’m on the cusp of submitting! Then–back to the story I was working on when I stumbled upon the Medical Blitz in early February. I LOVE that story, but I realize after a month of letting it sit, that it needs some big work.

I’m also supposed to do yoga and lunch with a friend, but my car has a nail in the tire. I’m starting to despair over my car that’s barely a year old. The windshield has cracked twice. One tire went when I ran over a razor blade. (Who leaves a razor blade in a Target parking lot?) And now, I’ve run over a nail. The husband asked me why I did that. I was going to get all surly with him, but he offered to have it repaired for me, so I kept my yap shut! (Sort of.) Anyway, if my car gets home in time for yoga and lunch, I’m going out!

Hoping to have this proposal ready to submit by Monday!

Wishing you a happy weekend!

Art Sheets Redux

Posted By on March 10, 2016

Almost finished with them. I have one more scene and a 3-5 paragraph synopsis to write. Was hoping they’d write themselves in my head over night, but that didn’t happen, which makes me sad. 🙂 So, here I am, at 5:30 in the a.m., trying to put those words together. When you only have 3-5 paragraphs to work with, every syllable needs to work for you.

Besides, when I realized I wasn’t going back to sleep, t tried watching the first season of The Americans, but it was a little too heartrending while I’m trying to write romance. So, I’ve turned on the Great British Baking Show as background, and when I’m between words, I look up at cream pattisiere going into luscious baked goods. I can’t eat them, but for some reason, looking at them, comforts me. (I don’t understand that, but thank goodness it works that way–and I am not even now rampaging through the dark streets in search of well-baked cake!)

I’m really excited to get back to my proposal–which has also not written itself in my head over night!

Writers can work anywhere!

Posted By on March 9, 2016

Not my favorite office!

Not my favorite office!

And today, I’m working at a car dealership. I have some sort of oil–something–valve–who’sit problem that is apparently going to take three or more hours to repair. I’d pretty much trade this laptop for a string cheese, which I could have brought with me, but I had no idea the above-mentioned problem would require 3-4 hours!

Also doing art sheets for my next Heartwarming, which comes out in October. Right now, it’s called Jason and Fleming, but it’s a Scrooge-themed story, so I’ll probably try to find a title based on that. Sadly, I wrote the book about 11 months ago, and I don’t remember it, so I’m having to read it. Pieces are coming back. but the whole story refuses to unfurl in my mind, so I think I’m going to have to read the whole thing–which is too bad, since my editor will soon be sending revisions. Just have to read and not touch. (I’m unable to avoid fixing some rather stiff writing here and there, but I won’t be fooling with big things that my editor may or may not have a problem with.)

Also editing my proposal synopsis. I’m feeling a little stressed because I wanted to have the proposal in by now–but I definitely believe in quality over speed. And–I somehow lost track of the date, so the art sheets are due tomorrow. I probably need to focus on them today.

Or I may walk two miles to the nearest eatery!

I have a synopsis!

Posted By on March 8, 2016

I spy unattended toys!

I spy unattended toys!

As I told friends, I could disappear forever into the plotholes, and it’s so rough, I could lop off a limb on the jagged edges, but I’m about to go edit–and that’s when magic happens–when you see what you have, and how your unconscious has been plotting behind your back. I know a story/synopsis is working when I start to see things circling back–motivation, emotion. The story starts weaving itself together.

Very busy around our house. As you can see, Georgie loves when babies come to visit!

Monday, Monday!

Posted By on March 7, 2016

Writing Assistant, Fiddle-faddling!

Writing Assistant, Fiddle-faddling!

What are you doing this Monday?

My proposal underwent major surgery this past week and weekend. I excised an especially insistent secondary character and got to the heart of some emotion. And I enjoyed it. A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes after a particularly nasty bout of DKA that apparently addled my brains. I’ve had the worst wrestling matches with writing since then, but in the past month or so, I can actually feel my brain working the way I need it to. Juggling storylines and motivation.

So–this proposal may be rejected, too, but I’m enjoying putting it together. For the past two years I’ve seriously considered not writing ever again because it hasn’t been just hard. I like hard work. It’s been baffling. I’ve had 21 books published, but the ones in these past two years have been like every day punching through luxuriantly thick drapery. I thought I no longer knew what I was doing. Now I think sugar-addled brains are not as adept at critical thinking.

So–back to work. Unlike my writing assistant. He’s taking a break!

Still Revising

Posted By on March 4, 2016

The Hubby’s Handiwork!

I’m going to whine. I’m in the oh-my-heavens, every muscle in my body aches stage of a cold, and I’m trying to add emotion to my story.

Yesterday, edited 18 pages, and ended up with a net gain of 0 words. That would be because I didn’t have emotion, and I had some blah blah blah on the pages. Along with pushy secondary characters who needed to go to their own homes and stay out of my hero and heroine’s very important business.

Meanwhile, the beloved is building bookcases. He wanted one for his office and apparently couldn’t find one that was made of actual wood so he decided to make his own. I’ve been begging him to make some for me for years. (He made me one many years ago, but he didn’t consider it lovely enough, so when my back was turned during a move, he dumped it in the portable dumpster.) This is also one of his rejects. He meant to add three shelves, and he was so distraught at having only set in two, that he couldn’t bear to keep it.

I love a perfectionist!


Posted By on March 3, 2016

Is not for sissies. Every word starts to sound like a bad choice. Every plot point feels weak.

I’m ignoring my surly internal editor and moving forward. Taking a chance, and remembering, this pass is for layering in emotion. And these folks have plenty of conflict and emotion. Usually, this is the part I like, stepping into their shoes and reacting to the situation.

But I’m riddled with doubts, so that’s trickier than normal.

Yesterday, I started editing, moved my characters to a different setting, and added about a thousand words. So that was actually a good work day! If you ignore the doubt!

Random on a Wednesday

Posted By on March 2, 2016

Honestly, I thought it was Tuesday. Who knew?

I also thought I’d be better at keeping up with my blog! But since I’m not, a quick catch-up! My Medical Blitz got rejected, but I’m submitting something else. I have almost three chapters and the beginning of a synopsis. Hoping to have it all shiny and lovely and ready to submit by Monday.

I’m also doing Speedbo. Having done a whole lot of synopsis planning yesterday, I’m behind on producing words, but I can catch up with some sprinting–which I plan to do.

Come for Navarro, stay for the competition!

Come for Navarro, stay for the competition!

Also, yesterday, one of my favorite shows started a new season. I cannot explain my weird addiction to Inkmaster (Dave Navarro. Could he be the reason?), but I LOVE that show. Maybe it’s because the artists remind me of writers. They all act so tough, but they’re so sensitive. Their feelings get hurt, and watching them take critique is like having to face a public rejection of my favorite written darlings. We writers put our thoughts and daydreams and the way we think right out there on the page–hoping everyone (literally) will read, but rejection always reminds me that I’m an introvert and I don’t have to wave my personal thoughts all over the place!

Finally, I need to exercise, but I have a stinking sore throat and my sinuses are about fourteen sizes tighter than normal. I hate to whine, but for heaven’s sake! Sore throat! I reckon I’ll just mosey on out and go as far as I can on a walk. (Sorry for the whining!)


Posted By on February 13, 2016

Writing assistant, prepared to leap into the computer bag!

Writing assistant, prepared to leap into the computer bag!

I have nothing to do except write today! (Well, maybe a few errands!) But I’m doing them in a hurry this morning, and then I’m off to my favorite coffee shop for some writing on my #MedicalBlitz story. I submitted, but in the spirit of hopefulness, I’m writing on! Cause I love the story, and those characters just show up in the middle of the night, chatting with me.

Best writing feeling in the world!


Random, because otherwise I’d have to acknowledge how long it’s been!

Posted By on February 11, 2016

Can you see the tiny snowflakes?

Can you see the tiny snowflakes?

Shocking! All I can say is that there’s a lot going on around the abode these days.

Not all of it, watching the Great British Bake-Off over and over. 🙂  For some reason, my girl and I both find that show so comforting. We should be able to recite the recipes for Swiss Rolls, Baked Alaskas, and all manner of continental cakes in our sleep. I told a friend the other day that the warming zone on her oven would be perfect for “proving” bread.

I live in the USA, and we let bread rise here. We don’t prove it. (Which I actually think is our loss. Isn’t prove a more interesting word?)

Anyway, what else?

We had a hint of snow this week! I ran around with my phone, taking pictures and a video because what if I never see snow again? You may need to zoom in on the attached photo, but there were snowflakes!

And–I’ve entered Harlequin’s Medical Romance Blitz. My submission may come to nothing, but I saw it was happening, and, as my girly said, I’ve written a few books with a medical slant–the novella in Christmas Actually, and a few other stories I’ve written for Super. I enjoyed doing them, and she can help me with any medical background, so why not? I absolutely loved writing the submission, and I’ve downloaded several of the books.

Reading Fiona Lowe’s A Daddy for Baby Zoe right now, and having submitter’s remorse, going, why did I think I could write as beautifully as that? So–I’m hoping! Because I’d be proud to have books with a line as well-written as these stories are. I’d read several of them when they were being tried out in stores, got hooked, and then they got so hard to find again, that I haven’t read any in a few years. Whatever happens, I’ve found new books to read because they’re easy to order online or on my Kindle now! 🙂

Now–off to finish reading my book, run to the grocery store, and prepare for friends who are coming over for coffee and chitchat today. (Perhaps I should attempt to bake something. Nope–no time for the firefighters to rescue me before company arrives!)