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Off to meet a friend for all-day writing. I love writing-together days–like mini-retreats. Our local chapter sponsored one a month or so ago, and there was something so productive about sharing a room and silence with–must have been about thirty writers. I actually tend to chitchat more if there’s only one other writer. Hence, the taking of the headphones.

Reading:  Still Life, by Louise Penny. Have reached the loving-this-book stage, and I’m finding myself annoyed that I can’t just sit and finish. Maybe if I take it along I can justify reading a few words if I arrive before my friend? Work really gets in the way sometimes!

Happy weekend to all! 🙂 My job for the weekend is to figure out nesting pages. I can get them to nest. I just can’t get them to display or link on the parent page. Probably something simple I’m just not seeing. I have some articles I want to post.

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