Can I take the ocean home?

| November 4, 2011

I wish I could. Yesterday, I sat on the beach to write for a while. Not in the morning when the sun first appeared over the water. Later, I took my laptop and a towel and perched high up, away from the water. Funny how a new point of view fuels your creativity. Maybe it […]

To Retreat Every Day

| November 2, 2011

I was chatting (emailing) with a friend about how much I love the beach. I feel peaceful here, creative, happy, full of energy. The ocean sings a song that makes my soul soar. Unfortunately, the beloved feels exactly like this–in the desert. So, we’ve ended up in a place in between, surrounded by beautiful trees […]

Retreating to the Beach!

| October 31, 2011

I’m writing at the beach. I got here after dark last night, and they warn you that lights on decks disturb the nesting sea turtles, etc., so I couldn’t see the ocean, but the waves were a song of welcome! This morning when I woke, this was the sunrise.  Over there–to the right. Amazing? Yes, […]

Manic Wednesday!

| October 26, 2011

I’m on the verge of abandoning hearth and abode for a writer’s retreat at the beach. I always miss my family when I do this, but the focused writing time is priceless! I’ve been planning my next book so all I have to do after I arrive is write like a madwoman. I have character […]

More from the Beach

| October 27, 2010

Coffee’s brewing (thank goodnesssssss), and the sun’s coming up (ruining my plan to take a towel down to the water’s edge and work in the dimmer light), and we’re about to start working around here. Each day, we work until night, and then we make a meal and then we choose a movie. Last night, […]

Retreating to the Beach

| October 26, 2010

Every year, two excellent writer friends and I retreat to the beach for a week of concentrated writing. I love it. No one wants to talk to me. No one needs me to “do this one little thing.” No one (absolutely unintentionally) makes me feel bad for disappearing behind my computer. We’ve had a couple […]


| August 7, 2009

Off to meet a friend for all-day writing. I love writing-together days–like mini-retreats. Our local chapter sponsored one a month or so ago, and there was something so productive about sharing a room and silence with–must have been about thirty writers. I actually tend to chitchat more if there’s only one other writer. Hence, the […]