It’s Friday!

Cloudy Day–To comfort myself because I cannot stand the sun and heat!

Yay! What to do on a Friday? For a writer, Fridays are a lot like any other day. I know lots of writers who take weekends off. That doesn’t work so well for me. If I take a day off writing, writing often takes time off from me.

So–I’m working on three stories right now. I seem to plan on two, pre-writing, I guess, so that I know what I’m going to do when next I open the file. And then I work on one. Strange new lack of a process. I was working on two stories, but I was driving to the store when I heard a song, and a whole new idea busted into my head. So–why not write? I’m all about possibilities these days.

Mind you, I hate the start of a story. Have you ever had to stand in front of a room and speak, but you got off on the wrong foot, and no matter how hard you work at willing your thoughts back into some sort of order, they just continue to scatter? That’s how I feel about the way I’m writing right now.

Which leaves me with two choices–stop and fear that I’ll never write any thing decent, that in fact I’ve never been a decent writer. I’m a total fraud. Or, I can keep on with my lousy effort and fix it later.

Seems as if I’d better keep on with my lousy effort.

Gotta clutch hope to your bosom–even as it tries to flee.


A subject near to my heart. For some reason, the world at my house, is a little cranky lately. I find myself saying over and over, “You get what you expect. Expect to be happy.”

No one’s listening, which I find shocking. Who rejects wisdom so freely given?  So, I’m listening to myself. I’m choosing to be cheerful and hopeful and happy. (Unfortunately, remaining cheerful can rend the attitudinal force in a cranky house, rather than improving it, but that’s just a tangential observation.)

Because I’m also thinking about my attitude toward work. A couple of years ago I decided to try different things. I haven’t sold any of those different things, and that’s difficult. I’ve learned a lot about rejection, and about the temptation to give up. Fortunately, I have Karen Whiddon, the world’s all-time best critique partner. We report our progress to each other pretty much every day, and when I feel that nasty, sneaking temptation to consider Walmart greeting a viable alternative, she reminds me with her unbelievable work ethic that quitting doesn’t get a writer anywhere.

So–I’m still trying new things. Before I sold my first book, I remember hearing the numbers–the odds against anyone selling a book. And I always thought that just didn’t apply to me because this is what I’m supposed to do. These days, with so many publishing options, more than ever the scary odds don’t apply. I’m still pointing my ship toward traditional publishing first, so that’s where I’m putting my energy.

Every so often, I need a little attitude check. So, I’m checking today. It might be the most challenging part of such a solitary job. I hope your attitude is soaring!