Never on Sunday?

| September 27, 2009

I’ve mentioned this before–I don’t often post on the weekends, but rain in our area has apparently sent the satellite into perhaps fatal shock, so I thought I’d just catch up–from the coffee shop again. Also, I’m working on a 2-page synopsis for the three chapters I have–yay!–finished for my new proposal, and I need […]

Review: A Conflict of Interest

| September 23, 2009

I have my first review for A Conflict of Interest!  Yay–cause it’s lovely! A CONFLICT OF INTEREST (4) by Anna Adams: After Dr. Maria Keaton testifies against a client in court and is accused of sexual misconduct, she’s suspended and worried about losing her career. Desperate for support in a town that’s suddenly turned against her, she relies […]

Tuesday People

| September 22, 2009

I should be working. I fled my peopled-up home for the white noise of Panera, but my plan backfired. Directly in front of me a guy and a girl have been deep in conversation since they sat down. They’ve held hands under the table and across the table. They’ve bent forward so that their faces […]

Lots of Saturday!

| September 19, 2009

Well, lots to do on Saturday. My local RWA chapter is holding our monthly meeting, and a friend is coming with me. Yay–get to chat all the way there about writing–and exactly how to solve all the problems of the world. Just yesterday, my girl said of her father, who was slicing brisket for dinner–“If […]

At work again!

| September 18, 2009

Another flyby because the words are flowing. Yay!  I think I can even keep these words!  On Twitter, I am doing a thing called #Wordathon, in an effort to finish this final proposal chapter by Monday. I have a busy, busy weekend so I’m hoping accountability will keep me at the keyboard if I’m tempted […]


| September 17, 2009

Escaped the home to use coffee shop’s excellent wifi as our satellite has once again declined to work in weather. (Run screaming for shelter!) I’ve been shopping for baskets I need to drop off at my local RWA chapter, and then I came home and opened the story file. I can’t tell why or what’s […]

Insomniac adventures and weird author quirks!

| September 15, 2009

Well–not that adventurous. But at least the house is clean enough to work in. I should have worked on the book, but instead I destroyed the terrifying layers of dust. It used to bother me that the retired beloved didn’t help with the cleaning when I was focused on a book, but I finally realized–he […]

A movie!

| September 14, 2009

It’s not a new one. It came out when I was too young to watch it–even for my mom, who was not what you might call the appropriateness police!  🙂  But a friend let me borrow Rosemary’s Baby. I was kind of wary, as I’m ridiculously afraid of “scary” movies. But it was really good. […]

It’s Saturday, but the Internet’s up at my house.

| September 12, 2009

An astonishing turn of events. Normally, I like to skip blogging on Saturday/Sunday, but I’ve been unable to reach my own site almost all week. Not much going on, really, unless you’re leaning over my shoulder watching the words grow. And ebb, actually. I’m writing and rewriting, adding and culling. The usual when I’m preparing […]

Tuesday already?

| September 8, 2009

How’d that happen? I was working, determined not to take time to do anything else (other than buy our contribution to yesterday’s cookout–wait–the beloved fashioned his amazing potato salad with his own hands). And then we visited friends. You can’t really force your family to partake of deadline monasticism. (Especially when the deadline is self-imposed. […]