Friday Follies!

| June 29, 2012

Not so much follies, as a plan to beat the heat! I’m going to run my errands before the sun comes up. (Also not true. The sun is rising already, but I’m getting out of here before it’s too much warmer than the current 73 F.) I haven’t slept much (due to the above-mentioned 73–terrible […]

Tasks for Today

| June 28, 2012

Sweep the pool. We’ve been having pool issues. (Not the pool deck, which looks kind of crazy. The husband pressure washed it and seems to have blasted off a coating–so it looks kind of dirty, which it’s not. You don’t expect a surface to look worse after it’s pressure washed.) Back to today’s task. I’ve […]

Word Surgery

| June 27, 2012

Yesterday was a painful writing day. I had to cut. Cut deeply. The thing about fast draft was that I got a story going, and I wrote a ton of words. I just cut a painful number of those words. I thought twice. Did I really want to go that far back to the beginning? […]


| June 26, 2012

Working, working, working. But not all my work is writing. I want to be home today. With silence, or maybe the playlist of Sting’s songs I’m writing with lately, and all the time in the world. Instead, I have errands and a bit of resentment because I don’t want to share my time with stuff […]

Random on a Monday

| June 25, 2012

Time really flies. I’ve been writing and celebrating family birthdays and reading. (I love Harry Potter. How on earth did J.K. Rowling manage that series? When you read it after a while, you can see the plan. A-freaking-stounding.) I’ve also been watching movies and TV. A little Andy Griffith. (I envy those writers. There’s an […]

Monday Arrives Again

| June 4, 2012

I wonder if I’ve mentioned how much I love Mondays. I loved them a little more when the beloved had a job outside the home because I had the place to myself. As I write this (late Sunday evening), he tells me he’ll be removing tile tomorrow. I’m working outside our home come the Monday. […]