What to do…

| September 29, 2010

when favorite characters are taken in a direction of which we do not approve. A bit of background… I have loved Inspector Morse for most of my adult life. I mourn him still. In fact, I mourn him so much (both the Inspector Morse of the novels and John Thaw, who was surely born to […]

Early Tuesday

| September 27, 2010

What a long, strange day it’s been (with apologies to whomever wrote that song). First, the good part! Even here, Fall seems to be creeping in. Rain and temperatures thirty degrees cooler than last Tuesday. Beautiful! Now, the inconvenient part. In the tradition of To Have and Have Not, I was stung by a dead […]

Randomly Friday

| September 24, 2010

I was doing so well at regular blogging. I can get back in the habit. I know I can.  But I’m starting with a random post because they’re low-stress. Except I’ve gone blank. I think this heat is draining the snap from my synapses. Seriously. Continuing with a trend since last May, we’re in the […]

Thursday Always Creeps Up…

| September 9, 2010

when you least expect it. Wednesdays are that amazing, we’re-almost-to-the-end-of-it day. Thursdays have always been part of the weekend to me. When I had a day job, I gave myself permission to start the sleep struggle later on a Thursday night. I just had to get through one more day, and fighting insomnia a little […]

A Momentous Monday

| September 6, 2010

We have lived in this house for four years. The day we moved in, we discovered we would not have DSL. We had dial-up Internet access. Dial-up. I get a little twitchy remembering that moment. I won’t even talk about the five hour chase through the bowels of AT&T’s so-called customer service to turn off […]

A hint of autumn

| September 1, 2010

The morning is a bit chilly (when you’re used to 90-plus degrees), and mist is rising off the pool. (Not sure you can see that in the photo! Too bright out here to tell on my screen!) Fall won’t be here any time soon, but it’s making promises–hinting that it knows where we are. How […]