Things I do…

| September 20, 2012

instead of sleeping. Clean the kitchen. You know–that cleaning, where you totally clear the counters and make it look as if you’ve just moved in. Note: We have way too many cups. Someone here (me) has a compulsion to put her hands on the perfect mug. Clear the clutter. This one is sort of pointless. […]

Early Morning Sounds

| September 19, 2012

It’s 52 degrees outside. Occasionally, there’s a thump as I think the house is settling into Fall. Kitty, pacing to the door to inspect his domain. A neighbor kitty drops by to taunt him with her freedom. He yowls fearsome threats at her. She’s unmoved. The schoolbus picking up the one child remaining at the […]

Karen’s Online Read, Some Research, and Plotting

| September 18, 2012

My CP, Karen Whiddon, has a free online read on Wolf Dreams will have you wondering if Erika can change the course of her psychic dreams. Will Lazlo escape fate as they search for a missing child? You can read the first chapter right now! Next, the research. I mostly read on my Kindle […]

Almost Autumn!

| September 14, 2012

The light is changing. The leaves are changing. Our temperatures are cooler. Last night, when I went for a swim, it took me four laps to stop shivering, and on lap thirteen, my fingers began to tingle. Maybe we should have heated that pool. This year, September’s temperatures are pretty close to normal, instead of […]

Random Wednesday

| September 12, 2012

Time for a random post! Look at the sky last night. Who could possibly look down? I’m working on two projects right now. Yesterday, thanks to #1k1hr on Twitter, I wrote over 3000 words. I also plotted a bit on one project and edited the other. I love busy, work-filled days. What I’m reading: The […]


| September 11, 2012

I hate September 11. Every year. I try to find peace with it, but some things don’t require us to find peace. Some things we must just endure and push through. Every year, I think back to that morning, passing the beloved’s massive TV, which he and his brother had bought the spring before to […]

Thursday Tasks

| September 6, 2012

I have much to do today. Sometimes, when I’m supposed to be writing, I find myself cleaning the shower or sorting a cupboard, or, in moments of true desperation–cooking. Today, I’m helping the beloved with some DIY, but I’d rather be leaping right into the writing. As if I don’t need distraction. A marvel. Also, […]

An Idea… a Gift

| September 5, 2012

Ill-timed, but totally welcome. I’m working on revisions (AKA rewriting to put the correct conflict front and center. Oddly, not an easy adjustment. If the conflict is wrong, you seriously have to rewrite.) Anyway, there I was, nose to the grindstone, or computer screen, when a new idea popped into my head. Not so much […]

Just Another Random Monday

| September 3, 2012

I realize not everyone needs orange and yellow leaves. And needs them now. Since I do, I’m posting photos. At the end of next week, overnight temps are supposed to drop into the 50s. That will make for some excellent sleeping weather. I sort of remember sleeping. Not my secret super skill. This weekend, as […]