I Love Writing

| November 30, 2011

Not all the time. Not when I’m struggling, fighting for words or a concept that’s just right–there. Beyond my fingertips. Beyond the grasp of whatever works as the conduit between my brain and my keyboard. Today, I love writing. I went back to 1943. I listened to Glenn Miller and swore inwardly at ration coupons. […]

Something New

| November 29, 2011

I’m working on something different, a WWII-set story that I’ve started a few times before. I haven’t liked the starts I’ve made before, but a wonderful, writerly thing happened when I found myself on a break from work over the weekend. Actually, I planned to take a break. I couldn’t quite stick to the plan. […]

I love the interwebs!

| November 28, 2011

This weekend I found a friend. A friend I’d hoped to speak to for years. Mind you, we spoke through email, but I probably do my best speaking on paper/screen. I tend to babble in person. I babble a little on screen, too. Lately, I have not loved technology as I once did. Remember when […]

Awake Too Early

| November 25, 2011

After two hours of sleep I decided to do my Black Friday shopping. I am not a shopper. I can’t imagine why I’d be willing to stand in line or sleep in a parking lot. Hmmmm. Nope–nothing comes to mind. However, I’m happy to click a few buttons to knock out the major shopping. So, […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

| November 23, 2011

Taking tomorrow off, but I wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving, filled most of all with the love of the people you love best! I’ll be back on Friday–unless I’m in a tryptophan stupor!

It’s that random time of day…

| November 22, 2011

I often remember to blog in the middle of the night. After I’ve been writing all day. On days (nights) like this, while the shrewish muse weeps softly in the corner and I babble at will, I love to go random. Hold on. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!  (Not really. I just thought […]

This is my favorite week in the year!

| November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving! Yay! We have friends coming over. We’re all cooking. My daughter and I will watch the Macy’s parade until someone strong-arms us into switching over to football. In the past few years I’ve DVRd the parade because we aren’t big fans of musicals, and we quickly tire of watching people lip synch in front […]

Editing and I are frenemies!

| November 18, 2011

I spent today (as I write this in the wee hours of Friday morning, that would be yesterday), wrangling words. Ungainly words. Unsightly words. Words in the wrong place. But then, I stumbled upon the joy of a half page that didn’t need to be turned inside out. That’s editing for you. Lot’s of pain, […]

Round and Round–How doth your story garden grow?

| November 16, 2011

How do you know when a story plan is working? I’m a mixture of plotter and pantser. When I first began to write I was all pantser. Planning and plotting meant I’d already told the story. Even in college, if I had to provide a theme or some other statement of what I intended to […]

Randomly Tuesday

| November 15, 2011

I’ve let up on the weather talk since we finally left summer behind. Sadly, today, summer returned. I cannot approve! Tuesday’s random photo, at right, is the beach where I grew up. I probably spent a lot more time facing the other direction, swimming. I took that lighthouse totally for granted. But those colors–I remember […]