Monday, Musing

| April 26, 2010

So, my critique partner read my first chapter and had problems. I’m back at work on it. Starting to hate the start-over!  But anything to make this an irresistible book! 🙂 No time to blog. Must make work perfect. Must make work a wanna-read! Writing is hard, especially when my confidence is somewhere around the […]

Today, the Sun!

| April 25, 2010

Yesterday, the storms, but today, the sun through a beautiful, verdant tree–and the roof of a certain bookstore!  🙂 Been out, reading and sipping a little caffeine. I love the ambience of this store. The folks in the chairs are pretty much regulars, and the coffee is addictive. I’ve resisted buying yet another cute mug. […]

Saturday in the Storms

| April 24, 2010

Big storms sweeping–well, actually, they’re twisting across us today. I came out on the porch to write between storm cells because the rain cools the air and I can see my shiny screen since there’s no sun. My favorite writing “music” these days is a little piece from Nature Sounds that I ordered from iTunes. […]

Friday Randomness

| April 23, 2010

It’s Friday. I love a quiet Friday. I’ve joined a gym. I haven’t belonged to a gym in a long time because I tend not to want to travel somewhere to exercise, and I decided to stop throwing away that gym non-use money. Well–I’d never been on a weight machine or a treadmill or an […]

Monday Morning

| April 19, 2010

I’m not usually awake at this hour because normally, I fall asleep a little after four-ish. Today, I’m going for the stay-awake record. I’ve had insomnia since I was a child. I can remember, the summer before I started school (let me preface by saying my father taught me to read I don’t even know […]


| April 17, 2010

Already? This morning, I woke to the pound of a headache and the whine of the neighbor’s four-wheeler through the back of everyone’s yards. We have such thoughtful neighbors! So–I’ve dosed myself with caffeine and acet–well–however that’s spelled. My head hurts too much to look it up, I’ve donned headphones (sound of rain on porch […]

Hello–it’s Friday!

| April 16, 2010

I can’t believe another Friday’s come around. Welcome, Friday! How’s the weather out your way? I talk about weather too much, but that’s because I live in a place that’s totally not my match made in heaven, weather-wise. I think high temps in the 60s would be perfect, which means I’m living way too close […]