More from the Beach

| October 27, 2010

Coffee’s brewing (thank goodnesssssss), and the sun’s coming up (ruining my plan to take a towel down to the water’s edge and work in the dimmer light), and we’re about to start working around here. Each day, we work until night, and then we make a meal and then we choose a movie. Last night, […]

Retreating to the Beach

| October 26, 2010

Every year, two excellent writer friends and I retreat to the beach for a week of concentrated writing. I love it. No one wants to talk to me. No one needs me to “do this one little thing.” No one (absolutely unintentionally) makes me feel bad for disappearing behind my computer. We’ve had a couple […]


| October 16, 2010

… and the living is ea-ea-sy! The temp is down to 39. Yay! At last, some cool air. I can’t explain why, but the cessation of heat makes me feel creative. It also makes me want to bake bread and sprawl in front of the fire with a great book and a pot of tea. […]

Back on Tuesday

| October 12, 2010

I was actually back yesterday, but never got to the blog. I’ve been traveling, a writer’s conference, some family stuff, some fun stuff. All good stuff. Now, back to normal life and normal work hours. Not sure what normal work hours are for me, since I often finally get around to working in the wee […]

Just Another Random Monday

| October 4, 2010

Did you ever spend two days away from your family and come home to find yourself plain excited to see them? I just did. I was at a conference this weekend where Michael Hauge spoke about eliciting emotion from readers. Because I’m in awe of everything he said, today’s random post will be a quick […]