What day is it?

| November 28, 2016

When you work at home, and you don’t have any other responsibilities for a few days, you start to lose track. I’ve enjoyed that. I’ve been baking and embroidering and binge-watching Paranoid on Netflix. And also writing. Lots of times, I put off doing the things I want to do for the things I should […]

Random Thursday

| September 8, 2016

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift broke up. I’m ashamed of myself for this because I’ve liked many of Taylor Swift’s songs, but I got all judgey toward Tom H when he started dating her. I love Tom H. He’s an amazing actor, and his voice… And–well, I was rooting for him to be Bond, James […]

Monday, Monday!

| March 7, 2016

What are you doing this Monday? My proposal underwent major surgery this past week and weekend. I excised an especially insistent secondary character and got to the heart of some emotion. And I enjoyed it. A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with diabetes after a particularly nasty bout of DKA that apparently […]

Facebook Launch Party (and too many other things)!

| October 14, 2015

Until the beginning of November I have too much to do. I’ve finished the pages of my proposal–the first three chapters. Still wrestling with the synopsis. My friend, Karen Whiddon and I call them Snopes, after Faulkner’s rather slippery barn burning family. You just can’t pin them down! We also have stuff going on around our abode. I had to […]

Friday at Random

| October 9, 2015

I love the phrase, “at random.” Don’t know why. Some words just feel good and sound good. It’s Friday, and I have too much to do, so this is going to be a random post. Just things that pop into my head. The clouds have rolled in. I love cloudy days. And the leaves are […]

It’s Friday!

| July 10, 2015

Yay! What to do on a Friday? For a writer, Fridays are a lot like any other day. I know lots of writers who take weekends off. That doesn’t work so well for me. If I take a day off writing, writing often takes time off from me. So–I’m working on three stories right now. […]


| June 28, 2013

I love a nice long Friday, stretching out its possibilities! I could go shop for clothing for a conference I’m attending next month. I could head right now to the gym to beat the rush. I could leap into the pool while the water might still be coolish. Or I could write at the speed […]

A Break in the Heat

| May 6, 2013

We’ve already had temps in the 80s this year, but the past few days have brought rain and a beautiful break in the heat. Right now, my house is at 63 degrees. Outside, it’s 46, but the low was down to 43 this morning. It won’t last long, but it’s nice right now! Today is […]

Cloudy Days and Writing Ways

| November 7, 2012

Yesterday was so full of stuff I had to make a late date with my laptop. The beloved and I went here in the rain. We went there, in a city where rain turns traffic into the world’s largest parking lot. Before we knew it, we were eating dinner out last night because nobody in […]

Wednesday at the Coffee Shop

| October 24, 2012

I’m meeting a friend for lunch, but I came early to work. I’m plotting a series of stories, and I just don’t care for my overall theme right now. Many times, I’ve gotten myself into trouble because I think an idea isn’t special or different enough. Instant and long-lasting writer’s paralysis ensues. I’m thinking that […]